Quick Index to Complete Operas on Stereo CD's

By Stan DeOrsey

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Recording Method:
D (+YG)   D (+PF) D (+YG)  
The Sorcerer C+        
H.M.S. Pinafore D / D+ D+ C (+TJ) C C+
The Pirates of Penzance D C C+ C- D-+
Patience D C+ C+    
Iolanthe D C+ C+   A (+MK)
Princess Ida C+       D+
The Mikado C  C C  C- C (+IO) / A / D
Ruddigore C+    C+   C+
The Yeomen of the Guard C (+TJ) C+ C C (+TJ) D-
The Gondoliers D C+ C    
Utopia Limited C+       D
The Grand Duke C+        


A = Significantly abridged musically
C = Complete musically, dialog excluded
D = Complete musically, dialog included — the entire opera
+ = additional material included, see Discography for details
– = Overture not included, or dialog abridged 

Many "complete" recordings exclude a song or verse often not performed by D'Oyly Carte yet written and scored by G&S. A list of such songs is documented in "Lost and Seldom Recorded G&S".

Recordings originally made for 78 RPM or monophonic long play records are excluded although many have been re-issued on CDs as historic recordings. Click on specific opera name for details of these and other recordings.

Additional material for New D'Oyly Carte recordings of Iolanthe and Gondoliers are only on TER (UK) and not on the Sony (US) brand recordings.

Trial by Jury recordings are included with other operas as indicated. Trial by Jury has neither an overture nor spoken dialog — thus recordings are the entire opera.