Discography of Sir Arthur Sullivan:
Part-Songs, Carols, etc.

Sullivan's output of part-songs and carols, while nowhere near as voluminous as his output of hymns and solo songs, shows his mastery of harmonized choral writing.

Most of these items, unfortunately, have not been recorded. As the Discography grows over time, the items below will hyper-link to the applicable recordings.

Music and MIDI files for most of the part-songs are available in the G&S Archive.

  • Madrigal, "O lady dear", 1857, unpub.
  • "It was a lover and his lass" (Shakespeare), performed at the Royal Academy of Music, 1857, unpub.
  • "Fair daffodils" (Herrick), 1857, pub. 1903
  • "Seaside thoughts", 1857, pub. 1904
  • "The last night of the year" (H. F. Chorley), pub. 1863
  • "When love and beauty (H. F. Chorley), from The Sapphire Necklace, pub. 1898
  • "O hush thee, my babie" (Scott), pub. 1867
  • "The rainy day" (Longfellow), pub. 1867
  • Seven Part-Songs, pub. 1868, comprising:
    1. "Evening" (Houghton, after Goethe)
    2. "Joy to the victors" (Scott)
    3. "Parting gleams" (A. de Vere)
    4. "Echoes" (T. Moore)
    5. "I sing the birth" (B. Jonson)
    6. "The long day closes" (Chorley)
    7. "The beleaguered" (Chorley)
  • "All this night" (trad. carol), pub. 1870
  • Five Sacred Part-Songs, pub. 1871
    1. "It came upon the midnight clear" (E.H. Sears). Not the same setting as under hymns.
    2. "Lead, kindly light (J. H. Newman). This is the same setting as under hymns.
    3. "Through sorrow's path" (H. Kirke White)
    4. "Watchman, what of the night?" (A. Procter)
    5. "The way is long and drear" (A. Procter)
  • "Upon the snow-clad earth" (trad. carol), pub. 1883
  • "Hark! what mean those holy voices?" (trad. carol), pub. 1883
  • "Wreaths for our graves" (L. F. Massey), pub. 1898