The 1973 D'Oyly Carte Mikado

The MikadoJohn Ayldon
Nanki-PooColin Wright
Ko-KoJohn Reed
Pooh-BahKenneth Sandford
Pish-TushMichael Rayner
Go-ToJohn Broad
Yum-YumValerie Masterson
Pitti-SingPeggy Ann Jones
Peep-BoPauline Wales
KatishaLyndsie Holland

D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Royston Nash

Recorded at Decca Studios, West Hampstead
10–15 January 1973

London OSA-12103
London OSA-12103
London OSA5-12103
John Reed and Kenneth Sandford
London OSA5-12103 (Cassette)

This recording was made in celebration of John Reed's twentieth anniversary with D'Oyly Carte. The cast is strong, with the exception of Nanki-Poo and Katisha, though Reed's and Sandford's better days were clearly behind them at this point. The chance to hear Peggy Ann Jones's Pitti-Sing is particularly welcome, as she was usually not allowed to record her roles (Decca wanted a better singer). The recording does not include the dialogue, which is a pity, as it would have been nice to have the Carte interpretations immortalized on disc.

J. Donald Smith commented as follows on the CD re-issue:

For anyone who has only heard the LP of this issue, the CD is a revalation. The LP, like most of the London issues, was recorded at a very low gain, making it impossible to get forte passages. As a result, the LP always sounded muffled and dead. The CD, on the other hand, must have been remastered to take advantage of the digital technology and is bright and clear, and the performers sound very much better than they did on the LP.

Decca/London 425190-2
Decca/London 425190-2
Decca 473 644-2
Decca 473 644-2
Issue History
1973 Decca Stereo LP SKL 5158/9  
London Stereo LP OSA-12103
Cassette OSA5-12103
1970s Decca Cassette KSKC 5158/9 Australian issues
8-Track ESKC 5158/9
ca. 1979 Decca Cassette K22K 22
1985 Decca CD 417296-2  
1990 Decca/London CD 425190-2
Cassette 425190-4
(not verified)
1992 London CD 433684-2 Highlights
Decca Headline CD 433618-2
199-? Belart CD 461 328-2 Highlights; liner notes inaccurately describe this as the 1957 recording. Later pressings under the same catalog number are that recording.
2003 Decca CD 473 644-2  
2003 Decca CD 473 631-2 24-CD set including the complete Decca G&S series on CD (13 G&S operas, plus Cox and Box and The Zoo).