G&S Discography:
How to Comment or Ask a Question

Any and all comments are welcome. This web site would not be what it is today, were it not for hundreds of emails I've received with suggestions, additions and reviews. I also receive many emails asking for recommendations or background information, and I try to satisfy these as far as I am able.

I would especially like to hear from you if you know of:

  • Missing Recordings. Please send me as much information as you can about the recording's cast, historical background and issue history.
  • Missing Issues. If a recording was issued in a format or on a record label not shown in its issue history, please let me know, so that I can make the site as comprehensive as possible.
  • Facts in Error. Obviously, I'd like to hear about any factual errors that you find.
  • Reviews. I try to present a critical "consensus" for each recording. In some cases I have no opinion to give, or the recording is controversial (e.g. Papp's Pirates). If you have a view not represented on the site, I'll consider incorporating it in a future revision.
  • Display Problems. Let me know if any part of this site does not display properly on your web browser.

Send comments to oakapple@cris.com. You'll find a link to my email address at the bottom of every page.