The New D'Oyly Carte Yeomen (1993)

Lt. CholmondelyDonald Maxwell
Colonel FairfaxDavid Fieldsend
Sergeant MeryllTerence Sharpe
Leonard MeryllJulian Jenson
Jack PointFenton Gray
Wilfred ShadboltGary Montaine
First YeomanDavid Cavendish
Second YeomanRobert Traynor
Third YeomanHoward Ludlow
Fourth YeomanDeryck Hamon
Elsie MaynardLesley Echo Ross
Phoebe MeryllJanine Roebuck
Dame CarruthersJill Pert
KateCarol Lesley-Green

Chorus and Orchestra of
The D'Oyly Carte Opera
Conductor: John Owen Edwards


This Yeomen reproduces more of Sullivan's music than any recording of the opera to date. Not only are the third and fourth Yeomen's couplets in the Act I finale included, but there are three bonus tracks:

  • "A laughing boy," the aria for Sergeant Meryll that was cut after the first night.
  • "When jealous torments," the aria for Wilfred that was cut shortly before the first night.
  • Sullivan's original setting of "Is life a boon?" in 6/8 time (which he altered to the definitive version in 2/4 time at Gilbert's behest).

(These tracks were also included on a record called "Sullivan without Gilbert" made by Gilbert & Sullivan For All.)

Two minor quibbles: I would have preferred that the Meryll and Shadbolt arias be placed on the first CD in their proper position in the opera, rather than as bonus tracks on the second CD. Also, the singers playing the First through Fourth Yeomen deserve to be credited, but their names are not mentioned in the enclosed booklet. (Some time after I posted this page, D'Oyly Carte Musical Director John Owen Edwards e-mailed me their names.)

Although the opera has been better sung, this is nevertheless the most important Yeomen recording made to date, due to the wealth of extra material included. It has been issued on cassette and CD. (The bonus tracks may be excluded on the cassette version, as was done with some of the earlier New D'Oyly Carte releases.)

Issue History
1993 Sony CD S2K 58901  
Cassette ZCTED 1195
199? Koch Cassette 240 413 Highlights