The Sargent/EMI Ruddigore (1963)

Robin OakappleGeorge Baker
Richard DauntlessRichard Lewis
Sir DespardOwen Brannigan
Old AdamHarold Blackburn
Rose MaybudElsie Morison
Mad MargaretPamela Bowden
Dame HannahMonica Sinclair
ZorahElizabeth Harwood
Sir RodericJoseph Rouleau

Pro Arte Orchestra
Glyndebourne Festival Chorus
Conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent

Recorded 3 November 1960 (Overture) & 11–14 December 1962

EMI CDS 7477878
EMI CDS 7477878

This was the final entry in the series of G&S recordings that Sir Malcolm Sargent made for EMI between 1957 and 1963. Of the operas then in the D'Oyly Carte repertory, only Princess Ida was not included in the series (but Sargent would lead D'Oyly Carte's stereo Ida in 1965).

Ruddigore was an opera that Sir Malcolm evidently held in high esteem. He led some of the early performances after the opera re-entered the repertory in the 1920s, and many of the effects heard today in the "standard" orchestration were in fact Sargent's invention (e.g., the tubular bells in the "ghosts' high noon"). George Baker, nearly eighty years old when this recording was made, is anything but the "young farmer" of Gilbert's libretto, but this is otherwise an excellent performance of the opera.

Issue History
Dec. 1963 HMV Mono LP ALP 2013/4  
Stereo LP ASD 563/4
1964? HMV Australia Mono LP OALP 2013/4
Stereo LP OASD 563/4
1964? Angel Mono LP ????????
Stereo LP ????????
Dec. 1976 EMI Stereo LP SXDW 3029
ca. 1980 World Record Club Stereo LP S/4387-8
Jul. 1989 EMI Stereo LP EX7 49693-1 Also includes Pirates
Cassette EX7 49693-4
CD CDS7 47787-8 Also includes Sullivan's Tempest and Merchant of Venice incidental music, both abridged (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Sir Vivian Dunn, 1972)
1992 EMI CD CDMB7 64412-2
1999 HMV CD HMVD 5 73681 2 Slimline double sold exclusively in HMV shops. Includes the Merchant of Venice suite, but not the Tempest music included on the full price CD
2001 EMI CD 5744682 16-CD set containing all nine of the Sargent "Glyndebourne" G&S recordings, plus various Sullivan orchestral works