The 1976 D'Oyly Carte Grand Duke

RudolphJohn Reed
Ernest DummkopfMeston Reid
LudwigKenneth Sandford
Dr. TannhäuserMichael Rayner
Prince of
   Monte Carlo
John Ayldon
HeraldJames Conroy-Ward
Princess of
   Monte Carlo
Barbara Lilley
   von Krakenfeldt
Lyndsie Holland
Julia JellicoeJulia Goss
LisaJane Metcalfe
OlgaGlynis Prendergast
GretchenAnne Egglestone
BerthaBeti Lloyd-Jones
ElsaPatricia Leonard

D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Royston Nash

Recorded at Decca Studios, West Hampstead
14–16 March 1976

London OSA-12106
London OSA-12106
Decca 473 635-2
Decca 473 635-2
Rear cover of Decca SKL-5239/40
Rear cover of Decca SKL-5239/40, showing costume designs from the original production. The London and Decca issues had the same front cover, shown above, but this rear cover was seen only on the Decca LP issue.

In 1975, to celebrate centenary of Trial By Jury, the D'Oyly Carte Company gave a gala two-week season at the Savoy during which all the operas were presented in the order originally written. Utopia, Limited received a new production (the Company's first since the early 1900s), but The Grand Duke was performed only in concert. This recording was made at about the same time.

Before this recording was made, perfornaces of The Grand Duke were practically unheard of. A Gilbert & Sullivan Conference at the University of Kansas in 1970 drew visitors from around the world, in large measure because a production of this opera was featured. (That production was also recorded).

In 1970, The Grand Duke was an opera that many G&S fans thought they might never see. The D'Oyly Carte recording spearheaded a dramatic change in the opera's fortunes. While this opera will never be regarded among the partnership's best, anyone who hears this recording is bound to come away persuaded of the opera's many charms. Most amateur societies with sufficient resources have produced it at some point since 1976.

Issue History
1976 Decca Stereo LP SKL 5239/40  
Cassette K17K 22
London Stereo LP OSA-12106
Cassette OSA5-12106
4-track reel-to-reel OSAO-12106-K-DP
ca. 1977 World Record Club Stereo LP R 04471-2
1986 Decca Stereo LP 417 342-1 Digitally remastered; also includes The Zoo
Cassette 417 342-4
1993 Decca/London CD 436 813-2 With Henry VIII excerpts (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Nash, 1975) and Overture di Ballo (Philharmonia Orchestra, Mackerras, 1983)
2003 Decca CD 473 635-2
2003 Decca CD 473 631-2 24-CD set including the complete Decca G&S series on CD (13 G&S operas, plus Cox and Box and The Zoo).