Discography of Sir Arthur Sullivan:

Before his career took off as a comic opera composer, Sullivan made his living composing hymns and songs. The most famous of his hymns is surely "Onward, Christian soldiers," but he wrote many dozens of others. Nearly all of them date from before 1875 (the year of Trial by Jury), with 1874 the most common year. Not coincidentally, he edited the SPCK's Church Hymns and Tunes during that year. Of the experience, he wrote (famously) to his mother:

I hope that the hymn-book will be a blessing to the Church. It's a curse to me. Had I known the wearisome labours of it, I would not have undertaken it for a thousand pounds.

The following table is taken from Jacobs, 2nd edn. Very few of the hymns have been recorded, but for those that have, the designation REC" points to a page with further details.

Paul Howarth has submitted to the G&S Archive the score and lyrics for every hymn that Sullivan either wrote or arranged, and MIDI files for many of them. You can see them at <http://diamond.boisestate.edu/gas/hymns/>.

First LineWords ByName of TuneDate
A few more years shall roll (arrangement from G. W. Martin) Horatius Bonar"Leominster"1902
Angel voices, ever singing REC Francis Pitts"Dulce sonans"1874
Art thou weary, art thou languid Trans. J. M. Neale"Rest"1872
At Thine altar, Lord, we gather Mary Bradford Whiting"Dulce sonans"1874
Be Thou with us every day T. B. Pollock"Litany, No. 3"????
Brightly gleams our banner T. J. Potter"St. Theresa1874
Christ is risen! A. T. Gurney"Resurrexit"1874
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire Trans. Bishop J. Cosin"Veni, Creator"1874
Come, ye faithful, raise the strain J. M. Neale"St. Kevin"1872
Courage, brother! do not stumble REC Norman Macleod"Courage, brother"1872
Crown Him with many crowns Matthew Bridges"Coronae1874
Draw nigh, and take the body of the Lord Trans. J. M. Neale"Coena Domini"1874
Father, before Thy throne of light F. W. Farrar"Old 137th1874
Father of heaven, Who has created all Trans. Catherine Winkworth"St. Francis1874
For all Thy love and goodness (arrangement from Aldrich) Frances Jane Douglas & Bishop W. Walsham How"Springtime"1874
For ever with the Lord (arrangement from J. Woodbury) James Montgomery"Nearer Home1874
"For My sake and the gospel's, go" REC Ed. H. Bickersteth"Bishopgarth1899
From Egypt's bondage come T. Kelly"Pilgrimage1874
God bless our wide Dominion Marquess of Lorne"Dominion Hymn1880
God moves ina mysterious way William Cowper"St. Nathaniel"1867
God the all-terrible! King who ordainest Henry Fothergill Chorley & John Ellerton"Ultor Omnipotens"1874
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! REC Christopher Wordsworth"Lux eoi"1874
Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding Trans. Edward Caswall"Lux eoi"1874
He is gone — a cloud of light A. P. Stanley"St. Patrick"1874
Holy Spirit, come in might (arrangement from S. Webbe's collection) Trans. Edward Caswall"Light"1902
Hushed was the evening hymn REC James D. Burns"Samuel"1874
I heard the voice of Jesus say Horatius Bonar"Audite audientes me"1874
In the hour of my distress Robert Herrick"Evelyn1874
It came upon the midnight clear REC E. H. SearsNoel1874
Jesu, in Thy dying woes T. B. Pollock"Lebbaeus"1874
Jesu, life of those who die T. B. Pollock"Litany, No. 21875
Jesu, my Saviour, look on me Charlotte Elliott"Hanford1874
Jesu, we are far away T. B. Pollock"Litany, No. 11875
Lead, kindly light REC J. H. Newman"Lux in tenebris1874
Let no tears to-day be shed Trans. R. F. Littledale"St. Millicent1874
Let us with a gladsome mind John Milton"Ever faithful, ever sure"1874
Lord, in this, Thy mercy's day REC Issac Williams"Lacrymae1872
Lord Divine, all love excelling Charles Wesley"Falfield" or "Formosa"1867
My God, I thank Thee Who has made Adelaide A. Procter"Carrow1875
Nearer, my God, to Thee REC Sarah F. Adams"Proprior Deo"1872
Of Thy love some gracious token T. Kelly"Of Thy love" or "St. Lucian"1868
O Jesu, Thou art standing W. Walsham How"Lux mundi"1872
O King of Kings W. Walsham How"Bishopgarth1897
O love that wilt not let me go George Matheson"Chapel Royal1902
O Paradise! F. W. Faber"Paradise"1874
O Strength and Stay upholding all creation (arrangement of an old tune) Trans. John Ellerton"Marlborough"1874
O where shall rest be found James Montgomery"Ecclesia"1874
Onward, Christian soldiers REC Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould"St. Gergrude"1871
Our Blest Redeemer, ere He breathed Harriet Auber"Promissio Patris"1874
Rock of ages, cleft for me A. M. Toplady"Mount Zion"1867
Safe home, safe home in port REC Trans. J. M. Neale"Safe home"1872
Saviour, when in dust to Thee Robert Grant"St. Mary Magdalene"1872
Show me not only Jesus dying Josiah Condor"Christus"1874
Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praise Trans. John Ellerton"Holy City"1874
Sweet Saviour! bless us ere we go F. W. Faber"Valete"1874
Tender Shepherd, Thou hast still'd Trans. Catherine Winkworth "The long home" or "Gentle shepherd" or "Tender shepherd"1872
The homeland, the homeland H. R. Haweis"Hymn of the homeland"1867
The roseate hues of early dawn Cecil Frances Alexander"The roseate hues"1872
The Saints of God, their conflict past Archbishop Maclagan"Saints of God"1874
The Son of God goes forth to war (arrangement from Croft) Bishop R. Heber"St. Ann"1869
The strain upraise in joy and praise REC Trans. J. M. Neale"The strain upraise"1868
Thine arm, O Lord, in days of old E. H. Plumptre"Old 137th"1874
Thou God of Love, beneath Thy sheltering wings Jane Euphemia Browne"Thou God of Love"1867
Thou, to Whom the sick and dying Godfrey Thring"Bolwell"1902
To mourn our dead we gather here Mary Bradford Whiting"Victoria"1899
To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise REC W. Chatterton Dix"Golden sheaves"1874
We are but strangers here, a/k/a/ I'm but a stranger here REC T. R. Taylor"Fatherland" or "St. Edmund" or "Pilgrimage"1872
'Welcome, happy moring!' age to age shall say Trans. John Ellerton"Welcome, happy morning" or "Fortunatus"1869
When through the torn sail Heber"Heber"1869
While shephers watched their flocks by night (arrangement of an old carol) Nahum Tate"Bethlehem"1874
Who trusts in God, a strong abode REC Trans. Benjamin H. Kennedy"Constance"1874
Winter reigneth o'er the land (arrangement) Bishop W. Walsham How"Clarance"1874
With the sweet word of peace (arrangement of an old melody) George Watson"Parting"1874