Recordings of The Mikado

The Mikado is the most popular G&S opera, and it is no surprise it has been recorded more often than any other. The 1927 D'Oyly Carte recording is a classic. If you want a modern sound, check out 1992 Mackerras/Telarc, if you do not mind a missing overture.

NR 1906 G&T Acou Abrg 78 Cass
NR 1907 Odeon Acou 78 LP
NR 1912 Edison Bell Acou Hlts 78
NR 1917 HMV Acou 78 Cass CD
NR 1926 D'Oyly Carte Film Hlts Film
NR 1926 BBC Broadcast Hlts Radio
***** 1926 D'Oyly Carte Elec 78 LP Cass CD
NR 1930 Columbia Elec 78CD
NR 1930 BBC Broadcast Hlts Radio
NR 1932 Civic Light Opera of NY Elec
1931 LP
1931 LP
*** 1936 D'Oyly Carte Elec 78 45 LP Cass CD
***** 1939 Technicolor Film Dial Film VCass CD DVD
*** 1950 D'Oyly Carte Mono 78 45 LP Cass CD
* 1950 Al Goodman Mono Hlts 78 45 LP
NR 1951 D'Oyly Carte Broadcast Mono Dial Radio
NR 1954 D'Oyly Carte Broadcast Mono Dial RadioCD
* 1954 Allegro-Royale Mono LPCass
NR 1954 Kukla, Fran, and Ollie Abrg TV TV
*** 1950s Europa Mikado Hlts LP
** 1957 Sargent/EMI Ster LP reel Cass CD
*** 1957 D'Oyly Carte Ster LP 45 reel Cass CD
NR 1958? The Coolest Mikado Ster LP
NR 1959 Jazz Interpretation Ster LP
NR 1960 Bell Telephone Hour Mono Abrg TV LP CD
NR 196-? Jacques Darieux Ster Hlts LP
** 1962 Sadler's Wells Opera Ster LPCassCD
** 1962 World Record Club Mono Hlts LP reel Cass CD
NR 1962 The Cool Mikado   Film LP CD VCass DVD
* 1963 United Artists Mono Hlts LP
* 1964 National Musicale Company Mono Hlts LP
** 1966 D'Oyly Carte Film Dial Film VCass DVD
NR 1966 Warner Bros. presents The Mikado LP45
NR 1966 BBC Dial Radio
NR 1966 Michael Sammes Singers Ster Hlts LP Cass
NR 1972 Concert Hall/Boris Mersson Ster Hlts LP
NR 1972 G&S For All Ster Abrg LP Cass Film TV VCass CD
NR 1972 The Gentlemen of Titipu   Film VCass DVD
** 1973 D'Oyly Carte Ster LPCassCD
NR 1973 BBC-TV   TV
** 1974 Hungarian TV Video Abrg TV VCass
NR 1975 Black Mikado Ster Hlts LP
** 1982 Brent Walker Productions Video TV VCass LD DVD
**** 1984 Stratford Festival Video VCass LD DVD
*** 1984 Der Mikado Ster Video LP TV
** 1986 English National Opera Dig Abrg LP Cass CD VCass LD
**** 1987 El Mikado (Spanish) Ster LP
*** 1987 Opera Australia Video VCass
NR 1989 BBC Ster Dial Radio
*** 1990 New D'Oyly Carte Dig CassCD
**** 1992 Mackerras/Telarc Dig CassCD
NR 1992 New D'Oyly Carte Video Video VCass
NR 1994 El Mikado (Catalan) Ster CD TV
** 1994 Der Yiddisher Mikado Ster Abrg CassCD
NR 1995 Hot Mikado Dig CassCD
*** 1995 C&B Productions Dig Dial Bonus CD
** 1995 Essgee Entertainment Video CD VCass
** 2001 Carl Rosa Opera Video Dig CDVCass
NR 2008 Ohio Light Opera Dig Dial CD