The Sargent/EMI Yeomen (1958)

Sir Richard CholmondelyDenis Dowling
Colonel FairfaxRichard Lewis
Sergeant MeryllJohn Cameron
Leonard MeryllAlexander Young
Jack PointGeraint Evans
Wilfred ShadboltOwen Brannigan
First YeomanAlexander Young
Second YeomanJohn Carol Case
Elsie MaynardElsie Morison
Phoebe MeryllMarjorie Thomas
Dame CarruthersMonica Sinclair
KateDoreen Hume

Pro Arte Orchestra
Glyndebourne Festival Chorus
Conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent

Recorded 10–14 December 1957

HMV OALP 1601/2
HMV OALP 1601/2
HMVD 5 73065 2
HMVD 5 73065 2

This was Sir Malcolm Sargent's third G&S opera recording with the Pro Arte Orchestra, Glyndebourne Festival Chorus, and grand opera singers in the leading roles. It followed on his successful Mikado and Gondoliers of 1957. Yeomen is Gilbert and Sullivan's most operatic score, and perhaps one of the best-suited to Sargent's approach. Geraint Evans is probably the best singing Point on record, though many others act the part better. Yeomen has been extremely well served on disc, and it is doubtful that this will be anyone's first choice.

There is some confusion around the casting of Sergeant Meryll and the Second Yeoman. The CD notes say that John Cameron played Meryll, and John Carroll Case played the Second Yeoman. However, David Sommerfield distinctly recalls that they were reversed on the original Angel LP (which he no longer has). Indeed, on the Angel album cover shown below, one can see (albeit faintly) that Case's name is listed third and Cameron's seventh, strongly suggesting that Case played the larger role. This ordering is also found on the CD cover, but on the HMV sleeve pictured above only Cameron's name is listed. David says that he recognizes Cameron's voice as the Second Yeomen, and Meryll is clearly someone else. This would also be consistent with the casting of the other operas in the series, as Cameron always sang the high baritone roles, never a bass role such as Meryll.

EMI CDS7 47781-8
EMI CDS7 47781-8
Light Music Club LZ-7043
Light Music Club LZ-7043

Angel 3596 B/L
Angel 3596 B/L
Issue History
Nov. 1958 HMV Mono LP ALP 1601/2  
Oct. 1960 HMV Stereo LP ASD 364/5
1960? HMV Australia Mono LP OALP 1601/2
Stereo LP OASD 364/5
1960s Angel Mono LP 3596 B/L
Stereo LP S3596 B/L
Dec. 1969 EMI Mono LP XLP 30120/21
Stereo LP SXLP 30120/21
196-? HMV Mono LP OALP 1601/2 Australian issue.
196-? World Record Club Mono LP LZ 7043 Highlights (New Zealand release).
Stereo LP SLZ-7043
(not verified)
Stereo LP LM 7037 Highlights (Australia release).
ca. 1977 World Record Club Stereo LP R 00269-70  
Nov. 1977 EMI Stereo LP SXDW 3033  
ca. 1980 World Record Club Stereo LP S/4297-8  
Jul. 1989 EMI Stereo LP EX7 49594-1 Also includes Pinafore.
Cassette EX7 49594-4
CD CDS7 47781-8  
Oct. 1992 EMI CD CMS7 64415-2
1998 HMV CD HMVD 5 73065 2 Slimline double sold in HMV shops exclusively.
2001 EMI CD 5744682 16-CD set containing all nine of the Sargent "Glyndebourne" G&S recordings, plus various Sullivan orchestral works