The 1964 D'Oyly Carte Trial By Jury

The Learned JudgeJohn Reed
The PlaintiffAnn Hood
The DefendantThomas Round
Counsel for the PlaintiffKenneth Sandford
UsherDonald Adams
Foreman of the JuryAnthony Raffell

D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus
Orchestra of the Royal Opera
Conductor: Isidore Godfrey

Recorded in August, 1963

London A-4155
London A-4155

This Trial was recorded with an "all-star" cast. Excepting Round and Raffell, none of these singers would have appeared in stage performances of the time. The idea, clearly, was to make the recording more saleable by casting D'Oyly Carte's best-known performers. This succeeded artistically too, as the recording is extremely enjoyable.

Decca 473 655-2
Decca 473 655-2
(See Trial caption at bottom of image)
London/Decca 417 358-4
London/Decca 417 358-4
Issue History
1964 Decca Mono LP LK 4579
LKA 4579
With Utopia excerpts. The Decca catalog numbers containing 'A' are Australian pressings.
Stereo LP SKL 4579
SKLA 4579
London Mono LP A 4155
Stereo LP OSA 1155
ca. 1980 Decca Viva Stereo LP AUS 1051/2 Australia/New Zealand issue. Double LP/cassette includes Utopia excerpts, 1978 Zoo, and 1978 Cox and Box
Cassette KAUS 1051/2
1986 Decca Stereo LP 417 358-1 Digitally remastered; with 1964 Yeomen.
Decca/London Cassette 417 358-4
1989 Decca CD 417 358-4
1990 London
2003 Decca CD 473 655-2
2003 Decca CD 473 631-2 24-CD set including the complete Decca G&S series on CD (13 G&S operas, plus Cox and Box and The Zoo).