G&S Compilations from the Sargent/EMI Sets
(CD Era)

The Pro Arte Orchestra
Glyndebourne Festival Chorus
Various soloists
Malcolm Sargent, conductor

The Best of Gilbert and Sullivan (3)

EMI CDZ 7 62531 2
EMI CDZ 7 62531 2

EMI/Angel 4LZ 62535 1, 1 cassette, 1988.
EMI CDZ 7 62531 2, 1 CD, 1988.

This compilation contains highlights from Mikado, Gondoliers, Pirates, Pinafore, and Iolanthe. Confusingly, the name "Best of Gilbert and Sullivan" has been used several times, even though the selections aren't always the same. I am not even positive the cassette and CD have the same contents, but given the similarity of the catalog numbers, it is probable that they do.

Mel Moratti provided the contents of the CD:

The Mikado
If you want to know who we are...
A wandring Minstrel
The Sun whose rays
Heres a how de do
The Flowers that bloom in the spring
Tit Willow
There is beauty in the bellow
For he's gone and married Yum Yum
The Gondoliers
Buon giorno Signorine...
Were called Gondolieri
take a pair of Sparkling Eyes
Dance a Cachucha
I am a Courtier
Loudly let the trumpet bray
Love unrequited...
When youre lying awake
Soon as we may
Oh, better far
Oh, is there not one maiden...
Poor wandring one
When the foeman bares his steel
H.M.S. Pinafore
We sail the Ocean Blue...
I'm called little buttercup
My gallant crew good morning
Never mind the why and wherefore

Favourite Gilbert & Sullivan

EMI Classics for Pleasure 7 67594 2, 1 CD, 1992.

This disc presents 26 items from the Sargent Glyndebourne series.

EMI CDT 5 68815 2
EMI CDT 5 68815 2

The Most Unforgettable Gilbert and Sullivan Classics Ever

EMI CDT 5 68815 2, 1 CD, 1996.

This CD presents highlights from Pinafore, Pirates, Iolanthe, Mikado, Patience and, Gondoliers compiled from the Sargent Glyndebourne recordings.

The track listing, as provided by Mel Moratti, is provided below:

H.M.S. Pinafore
We sail the ocean blue
My gallant crew good morning
Never Mind the why and Wherefore
Oh better far to live and die
Oh sisters deaf...Poor wand'ring one
When a felons not engaged
With cat like tread
Loudly let the trumpet bray
If you go in
If we're weak enough to tarry
A wandring Minstrel
Behold the Lord high executioner
As some day it may happen
Three little maids
The Sun whose rays
Here's a how de do
A more humane Mikado
Tit Willow
The soldiers of our queen
A magnet hung
When a merry maiden marries
take a pair of sparkling eyes

EMI CDT 5 68815 2
EMI CZS 5 73869 2

The Best of Gilbert & Sullivan

EMI EMI CZS 5 73869 2, 3 CD, 2000.

Yet another Sargent compilation with an innovative and distinctive title.

This 3-CD set presents excerpts from Mikado, Pinafore, Pirates, Iolanthe, Trial by Jury, Ruddigore, Yeomen and, Gondoliers.

EMI 5744682
EMI 5744682

Gilbert & Sullivan — Operettas

EMI 5744682, 16 CDs, 2001.

This 16-CD set contains the complete nine-opera series that Sir Malcolm Sargent recorded for EMI from 1957–63; the overtures to Cox and Box, The Sorcerer, Princess Ida (Sargent/Pro Arte Orchestra); Overture di Ballo (Sargent/BBC Symphony Orchestra); In Memoriam, Tempest Suite and Merchant of Venice Suite (CBSO/Dunn); Symphony in E (RLPO/Groves); and the Cello Concerto (LSO/Mackerras/Lloyd-Webber).