The G&T 1908 Pinafore (Excerpts)

Sir Joseph Porter[not indicated]
Captain CorcoranStanley Kirkby
Ralph RackstrawErnest Pike
Dick DeadeyePeter Dawson
Bill Bobstay[not indicated]
Bob Becket[not indicated]
JosephineEleanor Jones-Hudson
Little Buttercup[not indicated]
Hebe[not indicated]

The Sullivan Operatic Party with Orchestra
Conductor Unknown

Recorded in London, Early 1908

This recording of Pinafore excerpts must have had a very short catalog life, as later in 1908 G&T (renamed to The Gramophone Company Ltd.) would record the complete opera with several of the same singers, making this set immediately obsolete. The artists were the usual studio singers that G&T used in all the G&S sets that they made during this period.

Recording Details

6557e4617 Opening Chorus & "I'm called Little Buttercup
6550e4619 "Now give three cheers"
6562e4616 "A British tar is a soaring soul"
6744e4457 "Refrain, audacious tar"
6563e4620 "Messmates, ahoy!
6565e4460 "Things are seldom what they seem"
6568e4458 "Kind Captain, I've important information"
6545e4618 "A many years ago"


  1. "Refrain, audacious tar" was incorporated in the Gramophone Company's later complete set (also 1908).
  2. The EMI ledger credits all numbers to the "Sullivan Operatic Party," except for "Refrain, audacious tar" and "Kind Captain." However, Francis reaches the plausible conclusion that Pike sings Ralph on the remaining sides, and that Kirkby and/or Dawson split the remaining male roles.