The Brent Walker Trial By Jury (1982)

The Learned JudgeFrankie Howerd
The PlaintiffKate Flowers
The DefendantRyland Davies
Counsel for the PlaintiffTom McDonnell
UsherRoger Bryson
Foreman of the JuryBrian Donlan
First BridesmaidElsie McDougall

Ambrosian Opera Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Alexander Faris
Camera Director: Derek Bailey
Stage Director: Wendy Toye

OperaWorld TRI10V
Frankie Howerd & Kate Flowers
OperaWorld TBJ10V
DVD cover

This video production and the Walker Cox and Box were made about the same time and originally broadcast on the same evening. However, while Cox and Box turned out to be one of the best entries in the Walker series, Trial was one of the worst. Eager to fill out the program, the producers prepended a totally superfluous opening scene showing the Plaintiff, et al, getting dressed for the day's proceedings. Frankie Howerd was cast for his name recognition with British and American audiences, but his hamming destroys the dramatic balance of the piece. Scenery and costumes are opulent, but poor casting and some directorial misjudgements impair what could otherwise have been a strong production.

Issue History
1982 Brent Walker Productions VHS PAL [unnumbered] N/A
1986 Woolworth VHS PAL S1010 Also includes Walker Cox and Box
1991 BraveWorld Video VHS PAL STV 2045
1994 Polygram Video VHS PAL 6325203
1996 Opera World VHS NTSC TRI10V
1999 Roadshow VHS PAL 102021 This is an Australia/New Zealand release. Unlike all others, it does not include Cox and Box, but it is still offered at the same price as a full-length opera. The same publisher also offers a four-video package that includes Cox and Box, Trial by Jury, The Sorcerer, and H.M.S. Pinafore.