Sweethearts (1984)

Jean Ommerlé, soprano
Sanford Sylvan, baritone
Gary Wedow, piano

Recorded May, 1984, at the
Houghton Memorial Chapel, Wellsley College

Conifer CDCF 156
Conifer CDCF 156

This CD is devoted to Sullivan's non-operatic songs. The program gives an excellent idea of variety of songs Sullivan set, and the equally diverse variety of texts that he relied on. There are detailed liner notes by Steven Ledbetter, as well as the full texts of all the songs.

The album derives its title from the song "Sweethearts," with text by W. S. Gilbert, based on Gilbert's play of the same name. Contents are as follows (singer's name in parentheses):

  1. Let Me Dream Again (Ommerlé)
  2. Mary Morison (Sylvan)
  3. The Marquis de Mincepie (Sylvan)
  4. The Moon in Silent Brightness (Ommerlé)
  5. O Mistress Mine (Sylvan)
  6. Orpheus With His Lute (Ommerlé)
  7. The Willow Song (Ommerlé)
  8. The Lost Chord (Sylvan)
  1. Sweethearts (Ommerlé/Sylvan)
  2. St. Agnes' Eve (Ommerlé
  3. The Dove Song (Ommerlé)
  4. Gone! (Sylvan)
  5. Winter (Sylvan)
  6. What Does Little Birdie Say? (Ommerlé)
  7. The Absent-Minded Beggar (Sylvan)
Issue History
1985 Northeastern Records CD NR 217-CD
1985? Conifer Stereo LP CFC 156
Cassette MCFC 156