The G&S For All Ruddigore (1972)

Robin OakappleJohn Cartier
Richard DauntlessThomas Round
Sir Despard MurgatroydLawrence Richard
Old AdamJohn Banks
Rose MaybudGillian Humphreys
Mad MargaretAnn Hood
Dame HannahHelen Landis
ZorahJoy Roberts
Sir Roderic MurgatroydDonald Adams

G&S Festival Chorus & Orchestra
Conductor: Peter Murray
Film Director: Peter Seabourne

BASF BUK 17-251086
BASF BUK 17-251086
Sounds on CD VGS 240
Sounds on CD VGS 240

This abridged recording by Gilbert and Sullivan For All features former D'Oyly Carte singers in most of the leading parts, although several of them (Cartier, Banks, Humphreys) recorded little or nothing at all with the Company. Ann Hood was a star soprano with D'Oyly Carte, but here sings the mezzo part of Mad Margaret.

Issue History
1972 BASF Stereo LP BUK 17-251086  
1972 Pye/PTE Stereo LP NSPH 12
1975 PRT Stereo LP WGAS 6751 with The Gondoliers
Cassette ZCGS 6751
1979 Murray Hill Stereo LP/
974193/8 Boxed set called "Greatest Operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan," eight discs comprising the entire Gilbert and Sullivan For All output. Apparently available under the same catalog number on both LP and cassette.
2002 Sounds on CD CD VGS 240 Also includes Mikado