The Brent Walker Mikado (1982)

The MikadoWilliam Conrad
Nanki-PooJohn Stewart
Ko-KoClive Revill
Pooh-BahStafford Dean
Pish-TushGordon Sandison
Yum-YumKate Flowers
Pitti-SingCynthia Buchan
Peep-BoFiona Dobie
KatishaAnne Collins

Ambrosian Opera Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Alexander Faris
Camera Director: Rodney Greenberg
Stage Director: Michael Geliot

Pioneer Artists PA-83-061
Pioneer Artists PA-83-061

This video production, one of the earliest made in the Brent Walker series, is also one of the weakest. William Conrad, television's Cannon, is utterly out of his element as The Mikado. Clive Revill fails to capture Ko-Ko's human side. It is, overall, a dreary affair. The text is musically complete, but there are some unfortunate dialogue cuts. Elimination of the Mikado's reference to "boiling oil" leaves Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah and Pitti-Sing fearing for their lives for no apparent reason.

Issue History
1982 Brent Walker Productions VHS PAL [unnumbered]  
1983 Pioneer Artists Videodisc PA-83-061
1986 Woolworth VHS PAL S1009
1991 BraveWorld Video VHS PAL STV 2046
1994 Polygram Video VHS PAL 6325243
1996 Opera World VHS NTSC MIK10V
1999 Roadshow (Aust./NZ) VHS PAL 102030
2002 Acorn Media DVD AMP-5327 Available only in a 10-disc boxed set (cat. AMP-5483) including the entire Brent Walker series, excepting Trial and Cox and Box.