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The Naughty Victorians (1975)

Director: Robert S. Kinger
DVD Cover
DVD Cover

David Cantor wrote this report of perhaps the most unusual of the derivative works covered at this site:

Back in the 1970s, there was a porno film called The Naughty Victorians with a complete G&S soundtrack (there was only an uncredited orchestra, no singing)! A friend and I went to a Times Square theater (YECH!!) to see it. We laughed all the way through. Someone knew their G&S well enough to make double entendre use of the music — certain scenes had musical backgrounds that were very funny if you knew the words. The only one I remember was two women with "Tit Willow" playing in the background.

Another correspondent wrote:

I remember the film The Naughty Victorians (x-rated) at Times Square. It was a strange flick. I believe it was based on a novel A Man and a Maid.

We know that this is a family website, but if anyone else who saw this film remembers more about it, feel free let us know.

There apparently was a DVD re-issue (hence the image shown above), but it does not seem to be currently in print, and I do not have issue details.