Sullivan (1972)

Donald Adams, Thomas Round,
John Cartier, Sylvia Eaves,
and Helen Landis

The Gilbert and Sullivan Festival Orchestra
Peter Murray, conductor
John Burrows, piano

Pearl SHE 509
Pearl SHE 509

This LP, recorded by the Gilbert and Sullivan For All group, consists of various Sullivan rarities, including the three so-called lost songs from The Yeomen of the Guard. The recording was far more important in 1972 (when it was made) than today, since most of this material has since been recorded by others and is available on CD.

Peter Murray conducts the "G&S Festival Orchestra" for the operatic selections, while the non-operatic selections have piano accompaniment. In his autobiography, Pearl producer Charles Haynes reported that the Musicians Union put the rates up between planning the recording and the making of it, so it then became too expensive to continue as they had planned with a full orchestra throughout.

The contents are as follows:

Side 1Side 2
  1. Yeomen: "A Laughing Boy" (Adams)
  2. Yeomen: "Is Life a Boon," original version in 6/8 (Round)
  3. Yeomen: "When Jealous Torments" (Adams)
  4. "Let Me Dream Again" (Landis)
  5. "O Mistress Mine" (Cartier)
  6. The Contrabandista: "He Will Return" (Eaves)
  7. The Rose of Persia: "Drinking Song" (Round)
  1. Grand Duke: "When You Find You're a Broken-down Critter" (Cartier)
  2. Grand Duke: "Broken Ev'ry Promise Plighted" (Eaves)
  3. "Mary Morison" (Adams)
  4. "Sweet Day, So Cool" (Landis)
  5. "The Troubadour" (Cartier)
  6. Ivanhoe: "Lord of Our Chosen Race" (Eaves)
  7. Ivanhoe: "Forgive Thy Son" (Eaves, Round, Cartier, Adams)

The song "He will return," on Side 1, would perhaps more accurately be called by the first line of the lyric, "My Love, We'll Meet Again." The sleeve note of the album does not mention that it is from The Contrabandista.

Issue History
1972 Pearl Stereo LP SHE 509