Gilbert and Sullivan For All (1969)

Thomas Round
Donald Adams
Valerie Masterson
Gillian Knight
John Cartier

Chorus and Orchestra
(leader, Patrick Halling)

Conductor: Michael Moores

Enterprise ENT 001
Enterprise ENT 001

This recording is not in my collection, but Chris Webster provided the following review:

This LP is all that one would expect from this professional group. Aside from its principals, this LP also benefits from the inclusion of the two dialogue scenes. I suspect this was produced privately for sale at G&S For All concerts and possibly had a small shop distribution.

Although not part of the title and not on the record label, this is listed on the spine and in small letters underneath the catalogue number on the front and back as 'Volume 1'. I do not know of any other volumes, but they may be out there.

Selections are as follows:

Side 1Side 2
  • Gondoliers: "For the Merriest Fellows Are We"
  • Yeomen: "When Our Gallant Norman Foes"
  • Iolanthe: "The Nightmare Song"
  • Mikado: "A Wandering Minstrel"
  • Ruddigore: "The Ghost's High Noon"
  • Ruddigore: "The Battle's Roar Is O'er"
  • Patience: "It's Clear That Mediaeval Art"…
  • dialogue…leading to: "If Saphir I Choose To Marry"
  • Yeomen: "Free From His Fetters Grim"…
  • dialogue…leading to: "Strange Adventure"
  • Utopia: "Of Native Maids the Cream"
  • Mikado: "The Mikado's Song"
  • Patience: "Sing Hey To You"
  • Gondoliers: "Take A Pair of Sparkling Eyes"
  • Iolanthe: "He Who Shies At Such A Prize"
  • Pirates: "Poor Wand'ring One"
  • Gondoliers: "Once More, Gondolieri"
Issue History
1969 Enterprise Stereo LP ENT 001