The Best of G&S (1995)

Deborah Clague, soprano
Lorraine Daniels, mezzo-soprano
Geoffrey Shovelton, tenor
Kenneth Sandford, baritone
John Ayldon bass

David Mackie, piano

This is a privately-produced, cassette-only recording. These performers have frequently toured together, and I would guess that the recording has been offered for sale at their concert venues. In the selections listed below, Ayldon sings the patter baritone parts in addition to his usual roles.

Side 1Side 2
The Gondoliers
"We're called Gondolieri" (Shovelton, Ayldon)
"Thank you gallant gondolieri" (Clague, Daniels, Ayldon, Shovelton)
The Sorcerer
"Time was when love and I" (Sandford)
H.M.S. Pinafore
"When I was a lad" (Ayldon)
"Fair moon to thee I sing" (Sandford)
"Never mind the why and wherefore" (Clague, Sandford, Ayldon)
"Cheerily carols the lark" (Daniels)
The Mikado
"The sun whose rays" (Clague)
"Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted" (Clague, Shovelton)
"Here's a How-de-do" (Clague, Shovelton, Ayldon)
The Gondoliers
"Then One of us will be a queen" (Clague, Daniels, Ayldon, Shovelton)
"I once was a very abandoned person" (Daniels, Sandford)
"My eyes are fully open" (Daniels, Ayldon, Sandford)
The Sorcerer
"Dear friends take pity on my lot" (Daniels, Ayldon)
Trial By Jury
"When first my old, old love" (Shovelton)
The Pirates of Penzance
"When you had left our pirate fold" (Daniels, Ayldon, Shovelton)
The Gondoliers
"Take a pair of sparkling eyes" (Shovelton)
"If you go in" (Sandford, Shovelton, Ayldon)
The Pirates of Penzance
"Poor wand'ring one" (Clague)
The Gondoliers
"Once more gondolieri" (Full Company)

Stan DeOrsey says:

I saw these folks on one of their American tours and so when listening to the tape, I can picture that night. And I think it might be a good car tape, too.

Chris Webster says that he paid £6.50 for the recording, at a meeting of the Gilbert & Sullivan Society. Stan says that he paid U.S. $11.50, postage included. As of 2001, it was available from the producers, Nona M Young (Box 330, RFD 1, Kingfield, ME 04947, USA; tel. 207-265-2505) or Geoffrey Shovelton (27 Vicarage Lane, Kingsthorpe, Northants, NN2 6QS, UK).