The G&S For All Iolanthe (1972)

Lord ChancellorJohn Cartier
Earl of MountararatDonald Adams
Earl TollollerThomas Round
Private WillisLawrence Richard
StrephonMichael Wakeham
Queen of the FairiesHelen Landis
IolantheAnn Hood
CeliaJoy Roberts
LeilaVera Ryan
PhyllisGillian Humphreys

G&S Festival Chorus & Orchestra
Conductor: Peter Murray
Film Director: Peter Seabourne

Sounds on CD VGS 238
Sounds on CD VGS 239
BASF BUK 17 25137-3
BASF BUK 17 25137-36

This is an abridged recording made by G&S For All, the touring company founded by Thomas Round and Donald Adams. Several of the other performers (Cartier, Wakeham, Hood, Humphreys) also had D'Oyly Carte careers, but (except for Hood) didn't record much. Interestingly, Hood was a soprano in her D'Oyly Carte days but here sings mezzo, while Humphreys was a mezzo and here sings soprano.

Mel Moratti offered the following review:

The recording, as originally issued, is noted as being "Essential songs with complete libretto," though try as I might I never managed to locate the 'complete libretto' that is mentioned on the cover! The numbers seem to be a very random selection indeed, with the major omissions being "When I went to the Bar", "Oh Foolish Fay" and virtually all of the Act One finale. The complete Overture is included as well as the "He loves!...It May Not Be" scene.

The men are in excellent voice, especially John Cartier who bounces through his two solo numbers. The women, however, are very disappointing — mostly sounding as if they would rather be somewhere else. In "In Vain to Us You Plead," they sound so bored that it is no wonder the men leave! An interesting addition is the Sousa- like obligato piccolo in the Act One final chorus.

Issue History
1972 BASF Stereo LP BUK 17 25137-3  
1972 Pye/PTE Stereo LP NSPH 11
I think there was a release coupling Iolanthe with The Mikado, but I don't have the details.
1979 Murray Hill Stereo LP/
974193/8 Boxed set called "Greatest Operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan," eight discs comprising the entire Gilbert and Sullivan For All output. Apparently available under the same catalog number on both LP and cassette.
2002 Sounds on CD CD VGS 239 Also includes Pirates