The 1966 BBC Gondoliers

Duke of Plaza-ToroPeter Pratt
LuizJohn Heddle Nash (music)
David Enders (dialogue)
Don AlhambraRichard Goulding (music)
Hamlyn Benson (dialogue)
MarcoJohn Fryatt (music)
Dinsdale Landen (dialogue)
GiuseppeDonald Franke (music)
Hugh Dickson (dialogue)
AntonioNeil Howlett
FrancescoLeslie Fyson
GiorgioPeter Crays
AnnibaleAnthony Jackson
Duchess of Plaza-ToroAnna Cooper (music)
Mary Wimbush (dialogue)
CasildaEllen Dales (music)
Judy Franklin (dialogue)
GianettaPatricia Reakes (music)
Shane Davis (dialogue)
TessaMarion Grimaldi
FiamettaPatricia Clark
VittoriaMargaret Cable
GiuliaUrsula Connors
InezShirley Minty

The John McCarthy Singers
BBC Concert Orchestra
Producer: Michael Moores
Conductor: Stanford Robinson

Originally Broadcast on BBC Music Programme on 12 December 1966

This recording was part of a complete series broadcast on the BBC in 1966. It has never been issued commercially, but many fans have copies taken off the air.