The G&S For All Yeomen (1972)

LieutenantMichael Wakeham
Colonel FairfaxThomas Round
Sergeant MeryllDonald Adams
Leonard MeryllGlyn Adams
Jack PointJohn Cartier
Wilfred ShadboltLawrence Richard
First YeomanDavid Young
Second YeomanClifford Parkes
Elsie MaynardValerie Masterson
Phoebe MeryllSylvia Eaves
Dame CarruthersHelen Landis

G&S Festival Chorus & Orchestra
Conductor: Peter Murray
Film Director: John Seabourne, Jr.

BASF Viking 17 51098
BASF Viking 17 51098
Sounds on CD VGS 241
Sounds on CD VGS 241

This is an abridged recording and companion film by Gilbert & Sullivan For All, the touring group founded by Donald Adams and Thomas Round that was active for twenty years from 1963 to the early eighties. The recording is of particular interest to hear Valerie Masterson and Thomas Round in roles they never recorded with D'Oyly Carte, as well as to hear what John Reed's understudy (John Cartier) sounded like.

All of the G&S For All recordings use reduced orchestrations, and naturally Yeomen — Sullivan's most sophisticated Savoy Opera score — suffers here. The abridgement also results in many songs essential to the plot landing on the cutting-room floor (including, it seems, the vast majority of Act II). The linking narration in the film is not enough to give one the feel of this highly atmospheric opera.

Issue History
1972 BASF Stereo LP BUK 17 51098  
1972 Pye/PTE Stereo LP NSPH 10
1973 BASF Stereo LP BB-25109
1974 BASF Viking Stereo LP 17 51098 New Zealand issue. Subtitled "Gilbert & Sullivan Vol. 6.
1975 PRT Stereo LP WGAS 6752 Also includes Trial By Jury and Cox & Box.
Cassette ZCGS 6752
1979 Murray Hill Stereo LP 974193/8 Boxed set called "Greatest Operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan," eight discs comprising the entire Gilbert and Sullivan For All output
1996 Musical Collectables PAL, VHS [unnumbered] Video re-issue of the film, with newly-recorded narration by Thomas Round.
2002 Sounds on CD CD VGS 241 Also includes Gondoliers