The 1966 BBC Yeomen

Sir Richard CholmondelyDonald Franke (music)
Rolf Lefebvre (dialogue)
Colonel FairfaxMax Worthley (music)
Dinsdale Landen (dialogue
Sergeant MeryllRichard Goulding (music)
Julian Summers (dialogue)
Leonard MeryllEdgar Fleet (music)
Michael Spice (dialogue)
Jack PointPeter Pratt
Wilfred ShadboltAlan Dudley
First YeomanLeslie Fyson
Second YeomanJohn Noble
First CitizenWilfred Babbage
Second CitizenDouglas Hankin
Elsie MaynardJanice Chapman (music)
Sheila Manners (dialogue)
Phoebe MeryllJean Allister (music)
Pauline Yates (dialogue)
Dame CarruthersMonica Sinclair (music)
Shirley Cooklin (dialogue)
KateUrsula Connors (music)
Denise Buckley (dialogue)

The John McCarthy Singers
BBC Concert Orchestra
Producer: Michael Moores
Conductor: Stanford Robinson

Originally Broadcast on BBC Music Programme on 29 May 1966

This recording is part of a complete series broadcast at fortnightly intervals on the BBC in 1986. It has never been released commercially, but many fans have copies taken off the air.