The 1950 D'Oyly Carte Yeomen

Lt. CholmondelyDonald Harris
Colonel FairfaxLeonard Osborn
Sergeant MeryllDarrell Fancourt
Leonard MeryllNeville Griffiths
Jack PointMartyn Green
Wilfred ShadboltRichard Watson
First YeomanNeville Griffiths
Second YeomanGeoffrey Sanders
Elsie MaynardMuriel Harding
Phoebe MeryllAnn Drummond-Grant
Dame CarruthersElla Halman
KateDeidree Thurlow

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Conductor: Isidore Godfrey

Recorded in London,
18 July 1950

Decca Ace of Clubs ACLA-1278/9
Decca Ace of Clubs ACLA-1278/9 (Australia)
Decca LKM 4029/30
Decca LKM 4029/30 (New Zealand)
Decca LK 4069
Decca LK 4069
London LL 783
London LL 783

This recording was the third of four sets issued in 1950, as the Company worked fast to exploit the popularity of the G&S operas and pent-up demand caused by a long period during and after the war when no new recordings were issued.

Jack Point was one of Martyn Green's signature roles, and I think he is the best Point on record. On the other hand, Ann Drummond-Grant is surely the worst Phoebe on record. She never sang this role on stage, and one assumes the reason for her presence here was the influence of her husband, Isidore Godfrey.

The set is musically complete except for two cuts: a chunk of the Act I finale, from "Truly I was to be pitied" up to Phoebe's entrance, and the Act II "Rapture, rapture" duet. Both of these were performance cuts in D'Oyly Carte stage productions of the time.

During the 1950's, Decca issued highlights of this recording (side 1), coupled with highlights of the 1950 Ruddigore (side 2). The items included were as follows:

  1. When a maiden loves
  2. Is life a boon?
  3. I have a song to sing-o
  4. Were I thy bride
  5. Oh! a private buffoon
  6. Strange adventure
  7. A man who would woo a fair maid
  8. When a wooer goes a-wooing
  9. All for the love of a ladye
Pearl GEMS 0134
Pearl GEMS 0134

London A4205
London A4205
Decca LKA 4029
Decca LKA 4029 (Australia)

Sounds on CD VGS 223
Sounds on CD VGS 223. (Cover art by Matt Bland.)
Issue History
1950 Decca 78rpm AK 2415/25 Automatic side couplings
Mono LP LK 4029/30  
LKM 4029/30 New Zealand issue
LKA 4029/30 Australian issue
London Mono LP LLP 241/242
XLL 241/242
XLLP 241/252
45rpm 40198/208 in
Album LGF 40
Automatic side couplings. Published in two volumes of six and five discs each.
ca. 1953 London Mono LP LL 241/2  
1953 Decca Mono LP LK 4069 Ruddigore and Yeomen highlights. Note that LKA 4069 was an Australian issue.
LKA 4069
London Mono LP LL 783
1957-8 London 45rpm REP.8015 Highlights
ca. 1956-7 London Mono LP A-4205  
Late 1950s London Mono LP 5088 Yeomen and Ruddigore highlights
1960s Richmond Mono LP RS 62012  
Richmond Mono LP R 23056 Yeomen and Ruddigore highlights
1973 Decca Ace of Clubs Mono LP ACL 1278/9  
ACLA 1278/9 Australian Issue
2001 Sounds on CD CD VGS 223  
2001 Pearl CD GEMS 0134 With 1950 Mikado
2004 AVID CD AMBX138 10-CD set containing the entire nine-opera series recorded 1949–51, plus Pineapple Poll, the Overture ’Di Ballo’, and orchestral highlights (S. Robinson) from Pinafore and Yeomen
Recording Details
1AR15067 Overture
2AR15068 When maiden loves
3AR15069 Tower warders, under orders
4AR15070 When our gallant Norman foes
5AR15071 Alas! I waver to and fro!
6AR15072 Here's a man of jollity
7AR15073 How say you, maiden
8AR15074 'Tis done! I am a bride!
9AR15075 Were I thy bride
10AR15076 Forbear, my friends
11AR15077 To thy fraternal care
12AR15078 The prisoner comes to meet his doom
13AR15079 My lord! I know not how to tell the news I bear
14AR15080 Night has spread her pall once more
15AR15081 Oh! a private buffoon
16AR15082 Hereupon we're both agreed
17AR15083 Strange adventure!
18AR15084 Hark! What was that, sir?
19AR15085 A man who would woo a fair maid
20AR15086 When a wooer goes a-wooing
21AR15087 Comes the pretty young bride
22AR15088 A suppliant at thy feet I fall
  1. For a discussion of the matrix numbers in these sets, see the matrix numbers discussion page.