The 1966 BBC Utopia, Limited

King ParamountPeter Pratt
ScaphioDerek Hammond-Stroud (music)
Rolf Lefebvre (dialogue)
PhantisEric Shilling (music)
Aubrey Woods (dialogue)
TararaJohn Frost (music)
Wilfrid Carter (dialogue)
CalynxFrederick Treves
Lord DramaleighDavid Price (music)
Hamlyn Benson (dialogue)
Captain FitzbattleaxeKenneth Bowen (music)
Peter Howell (dialogue)
Captain Sir Edward CorcoranDonald Francke
Mr. GoldburyLeslie Fyson (music)
Frederick Treves (dialogue)
Sir Bailey BarreEdgar Fleet
Mr. BlushingtonJohn Noble
Princess ZaraPatricia Reakes (music)
Sheila Manahan (dialogue)
Princess NekayaJoanne Brown (music)
Wendy Lovelock (dialogue)
Princess KalybaJane Wenham
Lady SophyJean Allister (music)
Margaret Gordon (dialogue)
SalataElizabeth Proud
MelenePamela Binns
PhyllaDoreen Murray

The John McCarthy Singers
The BBC Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Stanford Robinson
Producer: Michael Moores

Originally Broadcast on 3 July 1966

This recording is part of a series broadcast by the BBC in 1966. It has never been released commercially but is included here for its historical importance, and because many fans own pirated tapes. See the historical tour for further discussion.