Sullivan Without Gilbert:
Opera, Oratorio, and Song

Selections from The Golden Legend, Ivanhoe, The Prodigal Son, Henry VIII, Haddon Hall and Other Works

Pearl Opal 831
Pearl Opal 831

This album, issued on a branch of the Pearl label, contains re-issues of vintage recordings of Sullivan's lesser-known works without Gilbert. Contents are as follows:

Side 1Side 2


  1. David Bispham: "Ho, Jolly Jenkin" (Rec. c. 1906. Mat. 30218; Columbia A 5099)
  2. David Bispham: "Woo Thou Thy Snowflake" (Rec. c. 1906. Mat. 30287; Columbia A 5137)
  3. Edith Evans: "Lord of our Chosen Race" (Rec. 1916. Mat. HO 1992af; HMV 03515)
  4. Herbert Teale: "Come, Gentle Sleep" (Rec. 1916. Mat. HO 2374ab; HMV 4-2717)

Haddon Hall:

  1. Perceval Allen/Alice Lakin/John Harrison/Robert Radford: "When the Budding Blooms of May" (Rec. 1909. Mat. 3466f; HMV 04051)

Henry VIII:

  1. Andrew Black: "King Henry's Song" (Henry VIII) (Rec. 1904. Mat. 5533b: Gram. Co. 3-2107)

The Rose of Persia:

  1. Harry Dearth: "Drinking Song" (The Rose of Persia) (Rec. 1912. Mat. y15644e; HMV 4-2228)


  1. Robert Radford: "I Would I Were a King" (Hugo, tr. Cockburn) (Mat. 21262e; Zonophone GO 39)
  2. Ian Colquhoun: "The Absent-Minded Beggar" (Kipling) (Rec. 1899. Mats. AXXX/BXXX; unnumbered)
  3. William Green: "The Sailor's Grave" (Lyte) (Rec. 1902. Mat. 1499nb; Gram. Co. 2-2648)

The Prodigal Son:

  1. Edna Thornton: "Love Not the World" (Rec. 1908. Mat. 8836e; Gram. Co. 3780)
  2. Evan Williams: "How Many Hired Servants" (Rec. 1908. Mat. MX-6609-1; Victor 74127)

The Golden Legend:

  1. John Harrison/Robert Radford: "All Hail, Prince Henry" (Rec. 1908. Mat. 7515e; Gram Co. 4454)
  2. Alice Lakin: "Slowly, Slowly Up the Wall" (Rec. 1908. Mat. 2212f; Gram. Co. 03102)
  3. Perceval Allen/Edna Thornton/John Harrison/Robert Radford: "Oh Gladsome Light" (Rec. 1908. Mat. z5490f; Gram. Co. 04008)
  4. Perceval Allen/Alice Lakin: "Ah! Woe the Day" (Rec. 1908. Mat. 2217f; Gram. Co. 04021X)
  5. Perceval Allen: "My Redeemer and My Lord" (Rec. 1908. Mat. 2471f; Gram. Co. 03123)
  6. Perceval Allen/John Harrison: "Onward and Onward" (Rec. 1908. Mat. 2219f; Gram. Co. 04020)
  7. Perceval Allen, Chorus: "The Night is Calm and Cloudless" (Rec. 1913. Mat. z7042f; Gram. Co. 03318)
Issue History
198-? Pearl Mono LP GEM 279
1986 Pearl Opal Mono LP 831