Pearl GEMM CD 9494
Pearl GEMM CD 9494

Sir Arthur Sullivan:
Sacred & Secular Music

This disc has eighteen selections drawn from the era of 78rpm records, and is designed to show the wide variety of Sullivan's music that was available and popular during that period. Most of the selections are vocal, although there are a few instrumental numbers. None of the items comes from the Gilbert and Sullivan operas. The excellent liner notes by Stephen Turnbull of The Sir Arthur Sullivan Society place these recordings in their historical context. At 78 minutes, the CD is jamp-packed with gems. Contents are as follows:

  1. Overture di Ballo
    London Symphony Orchestra
    Dr. Malcolm Sargent, cond.
    HMV C2308, mats. 2B1397/8, rec. 1932
  2. Andante Pastorale, from The Light of the World
    Herbert Dawson, organ
    HMV B3547, mat. Bb19625, rec. 1930
  3. "Yea, though I walk," from The Light of the World
    Salisbury Cathedral Choir
    HMV B2814, mat. BR1938, rec. 1928
  4. "God shall wipe away all tears," from The Light of the World
    Marguerite Carlton, contralto, w/ orch.
    HMV C1573, mat. Cc14573, rec. 1928
  5. Onward, Christian Soldiers
    Count John McCormack, tenor
    w. Victor Orch.; Rosario Bourdon, cond.
    Pearl GEMM 160, mat. B29871/2, rec.1924
  6. The Lost Chord
    Count John McCormack, tenor
    w. Victor Orch.; Josef A. pasternack, cond.
    Victor 74791, mat. C27043-1, rec. 1922
  7. Haddon Hall, instrumental selection
    Regimantal Band of the Grenadier Guards
    Lt. George Miller, cond.
    Columbia 936, mats. AX47/8, rec. 1923
  8. "Graceful Dance" from Henry VIII
    Band of HM First Life Guards,
    Lt. H. Eldridge, cond.
    Vocalion X9198, mat. 13258, rec. 1923
  9. "Ho! Jolly Jenkin" from Ivanhoe
    Bernard Dudley, baritone, w. orch.
    Piccadilly 5070, mat. 3727, rec. 1925
  1. "Woo thou thy snowflake," from Ivanhoe
    Roy Henderson, baritone,
    w. Aeolian Orch.
    Vocalion K05185, mat. 03911X, rec. 1925
  2. Ivanhoe, instrumental selection
    Band of HM Grenadier Guards,
    Capt. George Miller, cond.
    Columbia 9721, mats. WAX 2883/4, rec. 1929
  3. O Hush Thee My Babie
    BBC Wireless Singers,
    Stanford Robinson, cond.
    Columbia DB770, mat. CA11668, rec. 1932
  4. O Mistress Mine
    Francis Gleeson, tenor, w. piano
    Columbia DB526, mat. WA11255, rec. 1931
  5. The Willow Song
    Dame Clara Butt, contralto
    Columbia X236, mat. A2205, rec. c. 1916
  6. Orpheus With His Lute
    Mavis Bennett, sop.,
    w. Gerald Moore, piano
    HMV B2762, mat. Bb12959, rec. 1928
  7. "O Gladsome Light," from The Golden Legend
    St. Mark's Church Choir,
    N. Audley St., London
    Parlophone R960, mat. WE3862, rec. 1931
  8. "The Night is Calm," from The Golden Legend
    Florence Austral, sop.
    Royal Opera House Orchestra & Chorus
    John Barbirolli, cond.
    HMV D1506, mat. CR2167, rec. 1927
  9. Overture, In Memorium
    New Symphony Orchestra,
    Dr. Malcolm Sargent, cond.
    HMV C1992, mats. Cc19651/2, rec. 1930
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