That Glorious Song of Old (1992)

Kate Flowers, soprano
The Choir of Ely Cathedral
The Britten-Pears Chamber Choir
David Price, organ
Paul Trepte, conductor

Recorded in Ely Cathedral on
17, 18, and 19 May 1992

This CD, sponsored by the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society, focuses on Sullivan's sacred music (hymns, carols, large choral works, etc.). The Society arranged for individual members to sponsor each track of the CD, which covered the costs of recording and production. The liner notes by the Rev'd. Selwyn Tillett provide excellent context for this lesser-known aspect of Sullivan's career.

Contents are as follows:

  1. "It came upon the Midnight Clear"
  2. "The Glorious Company of the Apostles," from the Festival Te Deum
  3. "When Thou Tookest Upon Thee," from the Festival Te Deum
  4. "Vouchsafe, O Lord," from the Festival Te Deum
  5. "Lead, Kindly Light"
  6. "O Gladsome Light," from The Golden Legend
  7. "Sink and Scatter, Clouds of War," from On Shore and Sea
  8. "In Rama was there a Voice Heard," from The Light of the World
  1. "O Israel"
  2. Te Deum Laudamus: A Thanksgiving for Victory (Boer War Te Deum)
  3. "Yea, Thou I Walk," from The Light of the World
  4. "The Lord is Risen," from The Light of the World
  5. "The Strain Upraise"
  6. "Thou, O Lord, art our Father," from The Prodigal Son
  7. "The Night is Calm and Cloudless," from The Golden Legend
  8. "God Sent His Messenger, the Rain," from The Golden Legend
Issue History
1992 Cantoris Cassette CRMC2368