The 1966 BBC Sorcerer

Sir Marmaduke PointdextreJohn Cameron (music)
Ralph Truman (dialogue)
Alexis PointdextreLloyd Strauss-Smith (music)
Barrie Ingham (dialogue)
Dr. DalyLeslie Fyson (music)
Frederick Treves (dialogue)
NotaryJohn Frost
John Wellington WellsEric Shilling (music)
Hugh Burden (dialogue)
Lady SangazureSybil Michelow
AlineJeannette Sinclair (music)
Judy Franklin (dialogue)
Mrs. PartletCatherine Lawson (music)
Shirley Cooklin (dialogue)
ConstanceEllen Dales (music)
Gudrun Ure (dialogue)

The John McCarthy Singers
The BBC Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Stanford Robinson
Producers: Michael Moores and Peter Bryant

Originally Broadcast on January 30, 1966

This recording is part of a series broadcast by the BBC in 1966. It has never been released commercially but is included here for its historical importance, and because many fans own pirated tapes. Notable cast members include John Cameron, who played bass-baritone parts in most of the Sargent recordings; and Eric Shilling, who played the Lord Chancellor in the 1962 Sadler's Wells Iolanthe. See the historical tour for further discussion.