The 1953 D'Oyly Carte Sorcerer

Sir MarmadukeFisher Morgan
AlexisNeville Griffiths
Dr. DalyJeffrey Skitch
NotaryDonald Adams
J. W. WellsPeter Pratt
Lady SangazureAnn Drummond-Grant
AlineMuriel Harding
Mrs. PartletBeryl Dixon
ConstanceYvonne Dean

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
New Symphony Orchestra of London
Conductor: Isidore Godfrey

Decca LK4070
Decca LK4070
London A4215
London A4215
Richmond 23058
Richmond 23058
Decca Viva AUS-1020/1
Decca Viva! AUS-1020/1
Decca LKA 4078
Decca LKA 4078

This was the Company's first complete recording of The Sorcerer — the only prior recording, from 1933, was an abridged version. Regrettably, the opera had been out of the repertory since the mid-thirties (the scenery having been destroyed in WWII), and so none of the principals of this recording had never played their roles on stage. This was true of the 1966 recording as well, but the later set is better nonetheless. Peter Pratt's diction in the patter song is particularly poor.

A distinctive feature of this recording is the inclusion of the final dialogue (though abridged) that precedes the Act II finale. This was the first appearance of dialogue on a G&S recording, except for one speech on the 1924 Ruddigore.

The recording is musically complete except for the second verse of "When he is here," the first part of "Oh love, true love," and a piece of the Country Dance in Act II. Since all of these passages could have fit on the record, one assumes that they were standard D'Oyly Carte cuts during the twenties and thirties.

During the 1950's, Decca issued highlights of this recording (side 2), coupled with highlights of the 1949 Pinafore (side 1). The items included were as follows:

  1. Ring forth, ye bells
  2. The air is charged
  3. Time was when love and I were well acquainted
  4. My kindly friends
  5. Oh, happy young heart!
  6. Welcome joy, adieu to sadness!
  7. My name is John Wellington Wells
  8. Thou hast the power
  9. I rejoice that it's decided
  10. Or he or I must die!

Richmond RS62015
Richmond RS62015

Sounds on CD VGS 234
Sounds on CD VGS 234
Issue History
1953 Decca Mono LP LK 4070/1  
LKA 4070/1 Australian issue
1954 Decca Mono LP LK 4078 Pinafore and Sorcerer highlights. Note that LKA 4078 was an Australian issue.
LKA 4078
London Mono LP LL 809
Mono LP LL 885/6  
ca. 1956-7 London Mono LP A-4215  
Late 1950s London Mono LP 5091 Pinafore and Sorcerer highlights
1960s? Richmond Mono LP RS 62015  
R 23058 Pinafore and Sorcerer highlights
1979 Decca Stereo LP
DPA 3057/8  
ca. 1980 Decca Viva Stereo LP
AUS 1020/1 Australia/New Zealand issue
Cassette KAUS 1020/1
2002 Sounds on CD CD VGS 234  
2004 AVID CD AMSC799 Also includes Gilbert and Sullivan and Danny Kaye and Martyn Green's Gilbert and Sullivan