The St. Alban's Rose of Persia (1963)

The Sultan Mahmoud of PersiaDavid Berridge
HassanPeter Jenkyns
YassurRobert Ladkin
AbdallahFrank Powis
The Grand VizierGeoffrey Oakshott
The Physician-in-ChiefJohn Crossfield
The Royal ExecutionerAlbert Nixon
Soldier of the GuardKenneth Howkins
The Sultana ZubeydehMargaret Ladkin
Scent-of-LilliesJeanne Cavill
Heart's DesireMargaret Stear
Honey-of-LifePamela Kell
Dancing SunbeamVera Shelford
Blush-of-MorningEileen Coates
Oasis-in-the-DesertIris Briggs
Moon-upon-the-WatersMargaret Olivant
Song-of-NightingalesJoanna Booth
Whisper-of-the-West-WindBetty Burnett

The St. Alban's Operatic Society
at St. Julian's School

Producer: Matthew Culley
Conductor: Lee Skillman

Performed 15–20 April 1963

Album Cover
Rare Recorded Editions SRRE 152/3

This recording circulated privately throughout the 1960s and '70s until it fell into the hands of Michael Thomas, the one-man entrepreneur of the Rare Recorded Editions label, who seems to have issued it without knowing the source. The album cover omits the singers' names and credits the fictitious Orphean Singers and Orchestra under conductor James Walters.

Michael Walters (no relation to the above) reports that the recording is complete except for the Mother Hubbard song with the preceeding dialogue, which was cut from the stage performance, not merely from the tape. The stage production was given several times between 15 and 20 April 1963. It is not clear if this is a transcription of a single performance or a composite, but Ian Bond reports that there has definitely been editing:

Anyone who owns these discs only has to listen to the end of "'Neath my lattice" into "Tramps and scamps". There is a very definite break in the recording. The intro to the next number is heard to start but is faded out and then faded back in from the start. There are also less obvious but still noticeable edits at other points.

Issue History
197-?Rare Recorded EditionsMono LPSRRE 152/153