The Prince Consort Rose of Persia (1985)

SultanScott Cooper
HassanRichard Bourjo
YassurAlan Borthwick
AbdallahSimon Boothroyd
The Grand VizierRoland York
The Physician-in-ChiefMaxwell Smart
The Royal ExecutionerSimon Boothroyd
Soldier of the GuardScott Cooper
The Sultana ZubeydehMary Timmons
Scent-of-LilliesMary Timmons
Heart's DesireMargaret Leask
Honey-of-LifeJane Borthwick
Dancing SunbeamChristine Watson
Blush-of-MorningJudith Lovat

The Prince Consort
Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Edinburgh
The Consort Orchestra
Conductor: David Lyle

Pearl SHE-588/9
Pearl SHE-588/9
Pearl GEMS 0189
Pearl GEMS 0189

This recording is among the best of the Consort's efforts. By the time it was made, they already had The Emerald Isle and The Beauty Stone behind them, and perhaps had better mastered the recording process too. It also helps that this is one of the stronger operas that Sullivan wrote without Gilbert. For details about this recording, see Michael Walters' comparative review.

Issue History
1985PearlStereo LPSHE-588/9 
2003 Pearl CD GEMS 0189 Also includes The Emerald Isle