The Brent Walker Pirates (1982)

Major-General StanleyKeith Michell
Pirate KingPeter Allen
SamuelBrian Donlan
FredericAlexander Oliver
Sergeant of PolicePaul Hudson
MabelJanis Kelly
EdithKate Flowers
KateJenny Wren
Isabel[not indicated]
RuthGillian Knight

Ambrosian Opera Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Alexander Faris
Camera Director: Rodney Greenberg
Stage Director: Michael Geliot

Videocassette Cover
Keith Michell
OperaWorld PIR10V
VHS Cover
CBS/FOX Video Cover, showing Peter Allen as the Pirate King

Most of the Walker videos, included at least one television star who would be better known to American audiences. But, like Peter Marshall in Pinafore and William Conrad in The Mikado, Peter Allen was utterly miscast. He plays the part with more effeminate swish than buckling swash, and he misses much of the humor. Keith Michell may not find many nuances in the Major-General, but he is at least adequate. Alexander Oliver and Janis Kelly sing sweetly, but Oliver — made up to look like an 1880 Frederic — looks utterly unconvincing. Gillian Knight's consummate vocalism and superb comic timing are bright spots. Except in a few odd spots, the production is mostly in a traditional spirit and gives a decent impression of what the opera is all about.

Issue History
1982 Brent Walker Productions VHS PAL [unnumbered]  
1983 Pioneer Artists Videodisc PA 83-059
1986 Woolworth VHS PAL S1001
1991 BraveWorld Video VHS PAL STV 2040
1994 Polygram Video VHS PAL 6325283
1996 Opera World VHS NTSC PIR10V
1999 Roadshow VHS PAL 102028
2002 Acorn Media DVD AMP-5335 Available only in a 10-disc boxed set (cat. AMP-5483) including the entire Brent Walker series, excepting Trial and Cox and Box.