The 1966 BBC Pirates

Major-General StanleyPeter Pratt
Pirate KingVictor Godfrey (music)
Ronald Baddiley (dialogue)
SamuelLeslie Fyson (music)
Antony Viccars (dialogue)
FredericThomas Round (music)
Glyn Dearman (dialogue)
Sergeant of PoliceAlan Dudley
MabelCyntha Glover (music)
Etain O'Dell (dialogue)
EdithPamela Binns
KateGillian Knight (music)
Wendy Lovelock (dialogue)
IsabelCarol Haddon
RuthPamela Bowden (music)
Shirley Cooklin (dialogue)

The John McCarthy Singers
The BBC Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Vilem Tausky
Producers: Michael Moores and Peter Bryant

Originally Broadcast on February 27, 1966

This recording is part of a series broadcast by the BBC in 1966. It has never been released commercially but is included here for its historical importance, and because many fans own pirated tapes. Notable cast members include Peter Pratt, the former D'Oyly Carte patter baritone, as the Major-General, and Thomas Round, the former D'Oyly Carte tenor, as Frederic.

To save money, the BBC hired actors (who were paid less) to speak the dialogue. Peter Pratt, who was willing to accept lower pay, spoke his part; Thomas Round did not. Glyn Dearman, a Philip Potter "sound-alike," is very obviously not Round, and it grates.

The recording is marred by Vilem Tausky's lugubrious tempi. While the recording is musically meticulous, much of it lacks spark. Perhaps the best number in it is Michael Dudley's over-the-top "policeman's lot."

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