Den Gode Fregat Pinafore (1957)

Sir Joseph PorterJørgen Reenberg
Kaptajn CorcoranJohn Price
Ralph RackstrawPoul Reichhardt
Dick DødøjeIb Jacobsen
Bill BobstayFrode Jørgensen
JosephineLise Ringheim
Lille ForglemmigejKirsten Rolffes
HebeKirsten Thrane Petersen

Orkester og det Kongelige Teaters Kor
Conductor: Arne Hammelboe
Translation: Jens Louis Petersen

Polyphon EPS 93
Polyphon EPS 93

This is a recording of H.M.S. Pinafore in Danish, which I heard about from Chris Webster and J. Donald Smith. There is a 45rpm disc containing five selections, and an LP containing twelve selections. All of the text on the jacket and labels is in Danish, except for the following in English:

Permission to use Danish Lyrics in place of original words by Sir WS Gilbert has been given by the copyright owners.

Chris says that there was an article about the production in the May 1956 issue of The Gilbert and Sullivan Journal, which mentioned that the production on which the recording is based had its Copenhagen premiere on 10th December 1955.

Chris sent me the names in Danish of the selections on the 45rpm disc. I'll leave it to the reader's imagination to guess what numbers in the opera they correspond to:

  • Introduktion og Matroskor
  • Forglemmigej's sang
  • Kaptajnens entresang
  • Admiralens Vise
  • Trio (Josephine, admiralen og kaptajnen)
  • Finale

Don sent me the names in English of the selections on the LP:

  • "We sail the ocean blue"
  • "I'm called Little Buttercup"
  • "The nightingale...A maiden fair to see"
  • "I am the Captain of the Pinafore"
  • "When I was a lad"
  • "The hours creep on apace ... A simple sailor"
  • "Nevermind the why and wherefore"
  • "Kind Captain, I've important information"
  • "Carefully on tiptoe stealing"
  • "He is an Englishman"
  • "Farewell, my own"
  • "A many years ago"
  • "Finale Act II"

These selections correspond to the first half of Act I and the second half of Act II, suggesting there could be another disc out there—not yet identified—comprising the second half of Act I and the first half of Act II!!

Notwithstanding that it is in Danish, this is a more than adequate recording of the opera, with the performers apparently well-schooled in the G&S idiom. A Sir Joseph who more speaks his role than sings it is the only blemish on an otherwise enjoyable set.

Issue History
1957 Polyphon 10" LP LLP 402
45rpm EPS 93