The 1939 NBC Pinafore Broadcast

Sir Joseph PorterJohn Cherry
Captain CorcoranColin O'More
Ralph RackstrawRay Heatherton
Dick DeadeyeHarry Donaghy
Bill BobstayWalter Preston
JosephineMargaret Daum
Little ButtercupAlma Kitchell
HebeCarol Deis

Director: Thomas L. Riley
Stage Director: Ivy Scott
Conductor: Harold Sanford

This production appeared on NBC television on Sept 5, 1939, from 8:30-9:34 pm. A Pirates with the same actors and directors was shown about six months earlier. Since this predated the invention of the kinescope, it is unlikely we'll ever see it. Still, it's interesting as a piece of history. See the Pirates page for more information about how these productions came about.