The Brent Walker Patience (1982)

Colonel CalverleyDonald Adams
Major MurgatroydRoderick Kennedy
Duke of DunstableTerry Jenkins
Reginald BunthorneDerek Hammond-Stroud
Archibald GrosvenorJohn Fryatt
Lady AngelaShirley Chapman
Lady SaphirShelagh Squires
Lady EllaPatricia Hay
Lady JaneAnne Collins
PatienceSandra Dugdale

Ambrosian Opera Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Alexander Faris
Camera Director: Dave Heather
Stage Director: John Cox

Videocassette Cover
Derek Hammond-Stroud & Patricia Hay
OperaWorld PAT10V
DVD cover

This video production, part of the Brent Walker series, was borrowed almost move-for-move from the English National Opera production that dated from the 1970s. In fact, the Bunthorne here, Derek Hammond-Stroud, played Bunthorne on the Metropolitan Opera stage when ENO brought the production to New York in the mid-1980s. Because it is based on a tried-and-true production, this video turns out to be one of the better entries in the Walker series. I'm not a fan of Hammond-Stroud's irritating histrionics, but it was a signature role for him, and obviously popular with audiences.

Issue History
1982 Brent Walker Productions VHS PAL [unnumbered]  
1986 Woolworth VHS PAL S1003
1991 BraveWorld Video VHS PAL STV 2048
1994 Polygram Video VHS PAL 6325163
1996 Opera World VHS NTSC PAT10V
1999 Roadshow VHS PAL 102027
2002 Acorn Media DVD AMP-5351 Available only in a 10-disc boxed set (cat. AMP-5483) including the entire Brent Walker series, excepting Trial and Cox and Box.