Martyn Green's Gilbert and Sullivan (1953)

The Columbia Operetta Chorus and Orchestra
Lehman Engel, conductor
Album Cover
Columbia CL-832

This disc presents Martyn Green singing seventeen G&S patter songs. Perhaps its greatest virtue is the chance to hear Green's King Gama, which he never recorded with D'Oyly Carte (and a truly nasty Gama he is). The other item of special interest is the Judge's song from Trial, although this is a role he rarely played in his career. All the other items were recorded in his D'Oyly Carte prime, so this disc doesn't offer a lot, except perhaps to those who don't have the older recordings. The selections are listed below:

Side 1
  1. "A modern Major-General" (Pirates)
  2. "When I was a lad" (Pinafore)
  3. "I've jibe and joke" (Yeomen)
  4. "The flowers that bloom in the spring" (Mikado)
  5. "There is beauty in the bellow of the blast" (Mikado), with Ella Halman
  6. "I've got a little list" (Mikado)
  7. "Willow, tit-willow" (Mikado)
  8. "If you give me your attention" (Princess Ida)
Side 2
  1. "Whene'er I spoke" (Ida)
  2. "I have a song to sing" (Yeomen)
  3. "Am I alone" (Patience)
  4. "When I went to the bar" (Iolanthe)
  5. "The law is true [sic]" (Iolanthe)
  6. The Judge's Song (Trial)
  7. "Oh! A private buffoon" (Yeomen)
  8. The Nightmare Song (Iolanthe)
Issue History
1953 Columbia Mono LP ML 4643  
1973? Columbia Mono LP CL 832
1973 Columbia Mono LP ACL 832
196/7-? Philips Mono LP GBL 5607
196/7-? CBS Coronet
(New Zealand)
Mono LP KLL 516
2004 AVID CD AMSC799 Also includes 1953 D'Oyly Carte Sorcerer and Gilbert and Sullivan and Danny Kaye

Note: the 1973 re-issue was titled, "Martyn Green in Famous Gilbert and Sullivan Songs."