G&S Vintage Compilations from EMI/HMV

EMI ED-290422-1
EMI ED-290422-1
EMI ED-290422-1
EMI EX-290480-3

Gilbert and Sullivan: The Early Records

This set comprises highlights from HMV recordings dating from 1898-1912. The contents are as follows:

Side 1Side 2
Syria Lamonte
"When a merry maiden marries" (1898)
Miss Marwood and Montague Borwell
"Prithee, pretty maiden" (1898)
H. Scott Russell
"Would you know the kind of maid" (1900)
"O Zara . . . . A tenor all singers above" (1900)
Henry Lytton
"Time when when love and I" (1902)
"None shall part us" (1902, with Louie Henri)
Isabel Jay
"Poor wand'ring one" (1904)
C. H. Workman
"The law is the true embodiment" (1911)
"When I went to the bar" (1911)
"Oh, a private buffoon" (1911)
Francis Howard
The Nightmare Song (1904?)
Richard Temple
"A more humane Mikado" (1902)
Walter Passmore
"My name is John Wellington Wells" (1902)
"If you're anxious for to shine" (1900)
"When a felon's not engaged" (1912?)
"On a tree by a river" (1912)
"Who fired that shot?" (1912?, with Robert Howe)
John Coates
"Take a pair of sparkling eyes" (1907)
Peter Dawson
"When I, good friends, was called to the bar" (1906)
Eleanor Jones-Hudson
"Were I thy bride" (1907)
Carrie Herwin and George Baker
"There grew a little flower" (1910)
Issue History
1985 EMI LP ED-290422-1

The Hey-Day of Gilbert & Sullivan

This two-LP set comprises highlights from the HMV electrical sets, as follows:

Side 1Side 3
The Mikado, 1926 and 1936
"A wand'ring minstrel I" ('36)
"Behold the lord high executioner"...
     "As some day it may happen" ('26)
"Three little maids from school" ('36)
"I am so proud" ('26)
"A more humane Mikado" ('36)
"The criminal cried" ('26)
"See how the fates their gifts allot" ('26)
"The flowers that bloom in the spring" ('26)
"On a tree by a river" (26')
Iolanthe, 1929
"The law is the true embodiment"
"Of all the young ladies"
"When I went to the bar"
"Tripping hither"...
     "Go away, madam"
"When all night long"
"Love unrequited"...
     "When you're lying awake"
"If you go in, you're sure to win"
Side 2Side 4
Trial, 1927
"When I, good friends"
"That she is reeling"
"Oh, gentlemen, listen, I pray"
"A nice dilemma"
"I love him"
"The question, gentlemen"
"Oh, joy unbounded"
Pinafore, 1930
"I'm called little Buttercup
"My gallant crew good morning"...
"I am the captain of the Pinafore"
     "When I was a lad"
"Things are seldom what they seem"
"Never mind the why and wherefore"
"A many years ago"
Pirates, 1929
"Oh, better far to live and die"
"Poor wand'ring one"
"I am the very model of a modern Major-General"
"When the foeman bares his steel"
"Now for the pirates' lair"...
     "When you had left our pirate fold"
"When a felon's not engaged"
"With cat-like tread"
Sorcerer, 1933
"The air is charged"...
     "Time was when love and I"
"My name is John Wellington Wells"
"Sprites of Earth and Air"
"Thou hast the power"
Issue History
1985 EMI LP EX-290480-3