The 'Europa' Mikado (1950s)

The Mikado — Orchestral Highlights
The Europa Symphony Orchestra
(Conductor Not Named)

Bob Lang told me about this recording, and here is his review:

The Plymouth Mikado by the Europa Symphony is living proof of the old adage: you can't tell a book by its cover. The artwork on the sleeve couldn't be more tacky in a 50's sort of way. No artists are credited (I doubt there ever was a Europa Symphony). It is obviously part of a super-budget series (the back of the sleeve lists the '39 Plymouth Pops and the '67 Plymouth Classics).

Yet, this is a real gem. The orchestra is well prepared, handles many tempo changes with ease, and uses instuments I can't identify with accuracy to give it a really authentic oriental sound in places. It sounds more like the overture to a great many Broadway musicals of the 50's era. I wish I knew who arranged and/or conducted this.

Correspondent Mirko Rozic told me that there is a Europa Symphony. They are based in Romania. However, it is still not clear whether it is the same Europa Symphony that made the recording.

Issue History
1950s Plymouth Mono LP P-10-49