The 1912 Edison Bell Mikado

The MikadoStanley Kirkby
Nanki-PooWilfred Virgo
Ko-KoRobert Carr
Stanley Kirkby
Pooh-BahStanley Kirkby
Pish-TushRobert Carr
Yum-YumElda May
Pitti-SingAmy Augarde
KatishaAmy Augarde

This recording issued by the Edison Bell Company in February/March, 1912, was really just a set of detached highlights from The Mikado. There was clearly no intention to present a complete opera, as the selections are not even presented in their correct order. Except for a listing of the sides and artists found in the Sullivan Society Discography, I know nothing further about this recording. Two of the featured artists, Amy Augarde and Stanley Kirkby, reprise essentially the same roles as on the HMV 1906 set.

The recording was first published in February and March, 1912, on six 10" double-sided Edison Bell discs. There were various re-issues of the individual sides, which are listed in the table below.

Issue History
1135 1025 Brightly dawns our wedding dayAugarde, May, Carr & Virgo
1045 The flowers that bloom in the springAugarde, May, Virgo & Carr
1136 1129 Were you not to Ko-Ko plightedVirgo & May
1104 There is beauty in the bellowAugarde & Carr
1137 1066 Entrance of The MikadoN/A
1078 Tit willowCarr
1145 1117 A wand'ring minstrelVirgo, Kirkby, May, Carr & Alan Turner
A more humane MikadoKirkby, Virgo, Augarde, May & Carr
1146 1092 Our great MikadoCarr, Virgo & Kirkby
1062 Here's a how-de-doKirkby, May & Virgo
1147 1093 See how the FatesCarr, Virgo, Kirkby, May & Augarde
The criminal criedCarr, Virgo, Kirkby, May & Augarde