G&S Derivative Works: Miscellaneous

Sheila Graber Animated Films
Soloist: John Reed

Film-maker Sheila Graber made these two animated "short-subject" films in 1976. Graber says that they were "made from cut-outs — now we use computers and work in very different styles." The voice-overs are by John Reed, apparently taken from the complete sets of Pirates and Iolanthe that he recorded with D'Oyly Carte.

Though short, these films are delightful; the only drawback is that they're over too soon! Through the magic of animation, the Major-General floors peculiarities parabolous, and the Lord Chancellor hoodwinks a judge who is not over-wise, in ways Mr. Gilbert could scarcely have imagined!

The films were formerly be available through Sheila Graber, but it has been so many years that anyone interested write for a quote. This was the last address I had:

Sheila Graber Animation Limited
50 Meldon Avenue
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE34 0EL
United Kingdom
Issue History
1976 Sheila Graber Animated Films 16mm (no number)

A Musical Portrait of Gilbert and Sullivan (1992)

Researched and Narrated by Doreen Goodwin
Produced by Mal Scott Taggart

This recording, telling the stories of Gilbert and Sullivan, consists of two cassette tapes produced by a private U.K. studio that were sold separately but are part of one logical unit. They were mostly sold by mail order, but, according to Chris Webster, were also available in "a limited number of North England shops, i.e., wherever the producer could distribute them." Here are Chris's comments on the recording:

These are quite entertaining cassettes, but I would not vouch for the accuracy of the material. Although I see no reason for any errors, someone with more expertise on the biographical side might find some. I rather think that Mal may have been approached by Mrs Goodwin with the idea, or he may have asked her after learning of her interest--he tends to specialise in producing biographical items or releasing old film soundtracks (i.e. Laurel and Hardy). The narration is clearly from a script and the reading is a little stiff and unnatural. Both tapes have a good playing time of, I think, approx. one hour each, possibly more.

The liner notes of Tape One read as follows:

Our Raconteur has spent some 4 months of exhaustive research in compiling the fascinating history for the first of our two albums dedicated to the founders of British Comic Opera. Part One charts their early years, family life and romances. It also tells of their first meeting, some royal connections, and of their early successes in Britain and the United States."

Those of Tape Two continue as follows:

Following months of research, Mrs Goodwin concludes Part 2 of this enthralling musical history. Further arguments and petty disagreements dog the continuing success of G & S, and Sullivan suffers severe ill-health. However, even under duress, G & S still produce Operas which maintain and even improve on their previous high standards. Gilbert outlives Sullivan and is finally knighted."

Both tapes state, "Our tape profits go to National Childrens Home...," followed by address etc. On both tapes, the narrative is punctuated by excerpts from various commercial recordings, which the producers say they had permission to use.

Issue History
1992 Mastersound Studios Cassette MSR. CLP. 86 Tape One
MSR. CLP. 87 Tape Two