Dick Deadeye, or Duty Done (1975)

Dick Deadeye Victor Spinetti
Captain of Pinafore Peter Reeves
Major General John Baldry
Pirate King Ian Samwell
Admiral John Baldry
Sorcerer Peter Reeves
Judge Barry Cryer
Buttercup Miriam Karlin
Nanki Casey Kelly
Princess Yum Yum Linda Lewis
Rose Maybud Liza Strike
First Prisoner Ian Samwell

Designed by Ronald Searle
Written by Leo Rost and Robin Miller
New Lyrics by Robin Miller
Music Arranged and Conducted by Jimmy Horowitz
Directed by Bill Melendez

Proscenium Entertainment 10011
Proscenium Entertainment 10011

This animated feature concerns a character called Dick Deadeye (here, a good guy) on a quest to recover the "Ultimate Secret," which has mysteriously been stolen. The story takes Deadeye on an odyssey where he encounters various G&S characters, many of whom sing familiar songs to new lyrics. Like Deadeye himself, most of the characters do not behave as they do in the corresponding opera.

The hero does indeed recover, and unveil, the Ultimate Secret, but I'll not reveal it to those who wish to be surprised. Overall, the film is amusing in places, but I'm not dying to see it again. The animation is lush and skillfully done; the story is simply not all that clever. Excerpts from the soundtrack were released on the British G.M. label, on a single LP.

Issue History
1975 Proscenium Entertainment VHS Hi-Fi 10011
1974 G.M. Records Stereo LP GML-1018