The Very Best of Gilbert and Sullivan (1978)

Morriston Orpheus Choir
Band of H.M. Royal Marines

Leslie Ryan, Chorus Director
Paul Neville, Conductor

Chris Webster provided the following review:

I really like this, although it is not really good stuff, but there is an element of fun in hearing a Welsh male voice choir sing, with an accentuated military tempo and strong Welsh accent, such numbers as "When Britain Really Ruled the Waves" and "The Threatened Cloud Has Passed Away." There are occasionally different pronunciations — "peri" becomes "parry," "Eye-talian" becomes plain old "Italian," and I think there are some others. Also, I do think there is something very Gilbertian about a choir of Welsh men (a very proud nation — I lived in Wales for two years) singing about the virtues of being "An Englishman."

Issue History
1978 EMI Stereo LP TWOX 1066