The Music of Gilbert & Sullivan (1998)

The Band of HM Royal Marines, Plymouth
The Plymouth Gilbert and Sullivan Fellowship
The BBC Concert Orchestra

Captain P. J. Rutherford, conductor

CD Cover

This disc seems to have been privately published. It was advertised in the Summer 1998 issue of The Gilbert and Sullivan News. I get the impression it was part of a series of band recordings (the others not related to G&S). Reviewing it in the News, Kevin Chapple praised the instrumental playing but found the singers inadequate. Fortunately, about half of the selections are non-vocal.

Bob Lang was a bit more enthusiastic:

I expected a typical UK brass band approach, but was very pleased to find instead a "Band" that plays G&S the way I like it. I think it's so good, that if they get to do a Vol. II, I'll be first on line. If you collect G&S recordings, this is one you will enjoy.

There are eight cuts from Pineapple Poll and the Iolanthe and Yeomen overtures by the band, as well as highlight vocal cuts, all too short, performed by the Plymouth G&S Fellowship. The Band plays as well as any philharmonic group, and the vocals are everything one can expect (when you try to do a 9 1/2 minute Mikado), sung by a very accomplished group.

My only problem is that since so much of the CD is Pineapple Poll, why did they split it up as they did? Anyway, this is a keeper! I have a ton of stuff without the time to listen to most of it often, but this one will play its share.

As an aside, Bob Lang, who was one of the most prolific contributors to this website, passed away shortly after contributing this review, which was his last. I am pleased to dedicate this page to him.

The Blue Band Magazine's website,, has details about the CD. Selections are as follows:

Side 1Side 2
  1. Opening Number.
  2. Jasper's Dance.
  3. Poll's Dance.
  4. Finale Pineapple Poll.
  5. H.M.S. Pinafore Selection:
    1. Now give three cheers
    2. We sail the ocean blue
    3. Gaily tripping
    4. When I was a lad
    5. For he himself has said it
    6. Never mind the why and wherefore
    7. We sail the ocean blue: reprise
  6. Iolanthe Overture
  7. Iolanthe Selection:
    1. March of the Peers
    2. When Britain really ruled the waves
    3. He loves!
    4. Young Strephon is the kind of lout
    5. Finale
  1. Belaye's Hornpipe
  2. Reconciliation of Poll and Jasper
  3. Pas de Trois
  4. Captain Belaye's Dance
  5. The Pirates of Penzance Selection
    1. Pour, oh pour, the pirate sherry
    2. Climbing over rocky mountain
    3. How beautifully blue the sky
    4. Poor wandering one
    5. With cat-like tread
    6. Pray observe the magnanimity
    7. Oh, better far to live and die
  6. The Yeomen of the Guard Overture
  7. The Mikado Selection:
    1. If you want to know who we are
    2. Three little maids
    3. Brightly dawns our wedding day
    4. The sun whose rays
    5. Braid the raven hair
    6. Tit-willow
    7. The threatened cloud has passed away
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