We've Got A Little List (1989)

The Savoy Singers
The Savoy Sinfonietta
Tony Baker, conductor

This recording is not in my collection, but Chris Webster provided the following review:

I love this one, but it is an oddity. The copyright is owned by "Television New Zealand Ltd," which leads me to think that this is a soundtrack for a TV concert. There are new light, musical arrangements (not à la Papp arrangements) which sound quite good. Effective use is made of the harp in places and also effective changes in tempi when you don't expect it. The sound engineer has gone a bit overboard with the echo/reverb but I like lots of this anyway (although some won't). The thing that really makes this a bit special for me it that the whole disc has an atmosphere of fun. The comedian in particular, has a wonderfully light voice. Also, the Sergeant of Police uses a 'spraying' type of lisp (like Sylvester the cat) which is very funny. I think this would make a great introductory disc for any one who previously thought G & S to be stuffy and operatic. This does not mean the singers are not trained nor does it mean that the orchestrations are jazzed up--hey're not—but this is fun, fun, fun.

Selections are as follows:

  • "Dance a Cachucha"
  • "I've Got A Little List"
  • "When the Foeman Bares His Steel"
  • "We Sail the Ocean Blue"
  • "Three Little Maids From School"
  • "When I Was A Lad"
  • "List and Learn"
  • "The Sun, Whose Rays are All Ablaze"
  • "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General"
  • "Carefully On Tiptoe Stealing"
  • "Then One of Us Will Be a Queen"
  • "Tit-Willow"
  • "There Is Beauty In the Bellow of the Blast"
  • "Poor Wandering One"
  • "Take A Pair of Sparkling Eyes"
  • Finale (from H.M.S. Pinafore)
Issue History
1991 Pickwick International CD PWKM 4061