Forgotten Victorian Theatre Music:
Sullivan & Balfe

Tom Copeland, tenor
Wendy Davies, soprano
Jill Fogden, contralto
Sarah Grey, soprano
Chris Lawson, contralto
Walter Mason, baritone
Anthony Noden, bass
Deirdre Rogers, contralto
Peter Spooner, tenor
Carol Taylor, soprano
Glyn Taylor, tenor
Kelsey Thornton, tenor
Bob Wardle, baritone
David Watkins, baritone
Brian Young, baritone

Grace England, flute solo
Alderly Festival Orchestra
Conductor: Peter England

Recorded 18th November 2000
Alderley Edge, Cheshire


This is a selection of so-called "forgotten" music by Michael Balfe and Arthur Sullivan, but mostly Sullivan. The singers and orchestra are capable amateurs. It would be impolite to critique individual singers, but let us say that I generally enjoyed the performances whilst being conscious that I had heard most of these numbers done better by others.

The selections are listed below. The label "forgotten" is inevitably open to criticism, because it depends on who has done the forgetting. But it is hard to see the logic of putting anything from the Savoy Operas in that category, excepting perhaps a number like "Henceforth all the crimes" that was cut shortly after the opening night. "Time was when love and I" and "A tenor, all singers above" are likely to be well known to most of the likely buyers of this CD. Is "Rapture! Rapture!" on the list because D'Oyly Carte used to cut it in the 1950s?

My own favorites are the items that truly are obscure, including both Balfe selections, the two Sapphire Necklace songs (newly orchestrated for this recording), and especially the Rudall Carte flute arrangement from Pirates. Whether that's enough to justify purchasing the CD is a matter of taste. Twenty years ago, one would have rejoiced at the discovery of this Sullivan treasure trove. Today, most of these songs are already well represented in the catalogue, although perhaps my CD collection is atypical in that regard.

Another review of the CD is available here.

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OvertureLe Puits d'Amour (M. W. Balfe)
"Come into the Garden, Maude"(M. W. Balfe)
"Where the bee sucks"The Tempest
"Over the Roof"The Sapphire Necklace
"Hush! Hush! Not a step"The Contrabandista
"Little Maid of Arcadee"Thespis
"Time was when love and I"The Sorcerer
Rudall Carte flute and piano selectionThe Pirates of Penzance
"Henceforth all the crimes"Ruddigore
"Rapture! Rapture!"The Yeomen of the Guard
"Ho! Jolly Jenkin"Ivanhoe
"When the budding bloom of May"Haddon Hall
"A tenor, all singers above"Utopia, Limited
"Now take a card"The Grand Duke
"When love and beauty"The Sapphire Necklace
"My name is Crazy Jacqueline"The Beauty Stone
"If a sudden stroke of fate"The Rose of Persia
"Many, many years ago"The Emerald Isle


Issue History
2000 Raymond Walker CD WRW201-2