The 1989 BBC Iolanthe

Lord ChancellorDerek Hammond-Stroud
Earl of MountararatEric Shilling
Earl TollollerJohn Brecknock
Private WillisLeslie Fyson
StrephonRamon Remedios (music)
David Goudge (dialogue)
Queen of the FairiesGillian Knight
IolantheSandra Dugdale
CeliaDinah Harris
LeilaGlenys Groves
FletaLynda Richardson
PhyllisMarilyn Hill Smith

The Ambrosian Singers
BBC Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Barry Wordsworth

Recorded in January 1989
Originally Broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on 29 October 1989.

This recording is part of a complete series broadcast on the BBC in 1989. It has never been released commercially, but many fans have copies taken off the air. As an aside, this recording seems to be the only instance in the entire 1989 BBC series where a role was split among two artists (i.e. Strephon, above). In contrast, in the 1966 series, almost every role was split.

Jeff Trim points out that, in addition, "Fold your flapping wings" was performed during the interval break by Neil Jenkins. There was an accompanying lecture by David Mackie.